Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vue 7 is shipping

The day has finaly come when vue7 is hitting the streets running in full speed.
No need to say much else then vue7 being a nice improvement over vue6 in terms of render quality, render speed and stability and alot of other core improvements.

Ecosystems has hit generation 3, spectral clouds has reach generation 2 and scenes can be viewed as graphs, terrains now accepts 16bit and ecopaint has reached even higher levels then seen in vue6.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to school bash 2008

Örnsköldsvik.net, Moyo, Area 1 and some other companies is all set for next weekend´s back to school bash 2008 in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

Extreme sport athletes from all around Sweden will meet up to battle it out as the back to school bash 2008 champion in Örnsköldsvik on August 30.

The place is called strandparken and it´s located right next to Swedbank arena, the home arena of Modo Hockey, last years elitserien champions.

You can read more about back to school bash 2008 over at the örnsköldsvik.net website.


Örnsköldsvik.net is covering back to school bash 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vue commercial movie usage during 2008

E.on has announced that vue was used amongst others in the following 2008 movies.

Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Ilm artist Yanick Dusseault which is the Digital Matte Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic had this to say.

"Creating entire vistas was a first in my playbook and that's just been wonderful. Vue was my only option and it turned out to be the best option!"

©LucasFilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credits: Industrial Light & Magic, Used Under Permission.

Kung Fu Panda

The following is an excerpt from an online Interview from Markus Manninen, VFX Supervisor on KungFu Panda, made by CGSociety. Republished under Dreamworks exclusive permission

"A lot of our large locations went through a process where the world was created roughly in Vue by our matte painting lead Scott Brisbane. Then the renders out of that were painted on by our matte painters to define the finished detail and push the look and lighting further. The final matte paintings were then projected back on geometry by our matte painting compositors and rendered on the farm. […]

The matte paintings on our film were the most advanced and the most shots that we'd done to date. Even larger than some of the live action films that depend heavily on them. I was truly inspired by their work. The Production Designer and I had planned to rely heavily on matte painting on the film, and we were extatic when the process worked out so well."

And Skycrawlers, a movie by Polygon Pictures.

New English article @ örnsköldsvik.net

Örnsköldsvik.net has awoken from it´s english slumber, well to be honest, we´ve just been more then busy adding new content to the Swedish main website and we´ve added tons of Swedish articles in the past month´s and we´ve also updated the website, it´s navigation and even the blogg has seen quite a few enhancements during the summer, so yeah we know, we´ve neglected the English part of the site, neglected but not forgotten about it tho :)

So it´s time to start churning out some articles in English and the first one out is an article about Skuleberget and High Coast Center, a company managing three very lovely via ferrata routes at skuleberget.

Besides some textual content there´s a hefty bunch of lovely looking photos from Skuleberget which we took earlier this summer for the Swedish version of the article.

So if you´re in the mood for experiencing the lovely Swedish archipelago and the world heritage high coast and Skuleberget then why not start out by reading our article and looking at our photos, and if you´re one of the thousands of tourists visiting Örnsköldsvik for Star wars the exhebition, well then make sure you do not miss out on visiting Skuleberget before you head on back home.


Örnsköldsvik.net article - Skuleberget, High Coast Center

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vue7 drawing closer

E.on´s going to show off vue7 @ siggraph so in other words, one can expect vue7 to hit the streets before or around christmas, unless it´s alot more stable in it´s current form then vue6 was at the same during it´s development.


Official pressrelease

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More news from Caligari founder

In a follow up to the news posted below this post here´s a link to the Caligari founder, featuring videos and images from the new and free of charge 7.6 version of caligari and some textual information.


Captains thread

Truespace 7.6 free of charge

Yeah that´s right and a bit crazy, truespace, formerly a 599us$ app is from now on available free of charge.

It all comes down to Microsoft acquiring Caligari, the true space developers some time ago, and Microsoft are now doing a Google thingy and simply releasing the app for free, trying to boost their Live earth service just like google did with sketchup and their earth app.

So let´s see, that means you have seriously capable free apps like Sketchup, Caligari, Daz Studio and gimp and Houdini 9.5 HD available for 99us$, has it ever been so affordable getting your hands on so many and capable tools.

Great times for newcomers of course.

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Virtual earth on the true space for free deal