Friday, November 30, 2007

Commercial review sites, what´s wrong with em

The question pops up from time to time, excellent games get´s subpar scores at certain sites and subpar games get´s excellent scores, sure there´s something called point of view and aquired taste and personal preferences, but still, Alot of commercial websites hands out weird reviews, time after time.

The latest happening to cast doubt over the commercial gaming sites out there is the happenings going on over at, Jeff gerstman got fired and the last thing he did prior to that was posting a review of kane and lynch and scoring it average, while at the same time the website had ad´s plastered all over it for mentioned game.

Even without that gamespot has been a site with questionable reviews and especialy for the ps3, like giving ratchet and clank a score of 7.5, not bad enough to stand out to much, but still alot lower then what most others hands out and uncharted also got a noticable lower score at gamespot then other sites.

Now personal preferences could possible make up for that but the recent happenings over at gamespot do cast a big, shadow over gamespot previous reviews.

Shivering isles available on psn

The oblivion expansion shivering isles is finaly available on psn, cant wait for it to hit the european Psn next week or whenever it showes up, a must buy if you have the original oblivion.

Official Bethesda blog

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blu-ray vs Hd-dvd, sales chart

A well, one more week for Blu-ray on the winning streak and one more for Hd-dvd on the loosing streak and one more week with alot of people being fooled into buying a hd-dvd player.

I just read about a poor sod whom bought a hd-dvd player earlier this year to purchase HD movies for his kids, problem is, disny is blu-ray HD only... Makes you wonder when people will catch up to the ugly reality that is hd movies.

Anyway, he´s now buying a ps3 for christmas, first and foremost to use it as a blu-ray movie player and of course also to play games with his kids.

Data for the week shows 72.6% of high-definition discs purchased by consumers were Blu-ray and just 27.4% were HD DVD, which means hd dvd isnt gaining, they are loosing ground in the hd movie war.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Famitsu: sales chart japan

For the third week in a row Sony and it´s ps3 outsells the competition again, this is for the week ending 25 November. Bring on Uncharted and im sure sales will climb even further.

As for software, mario seems to have lost his appeal in Japan since it´s already on it´s way out from the top ten chart.

DSL : 116k
PSP : 89k
PS3 : 58k
Wii : 47k
PS2 : 15k
360 : 5.8k

Hypertexture in vue6

It´s a pretty nice streaming video from altuit which during it´s 30 minutes will cover the basics of how to hypertexture in v6 and how to use gridmodeler to create neat looking objects with hypertexture.

Well worth seeing if you´re interested in either gridmodeler or hypertexture.

Camtasia free of charge

Official information from techsmith

And here´s the download, camtasia 312 download

This isnt a trial and it´s 100% legit and comes with an affordable upgradepatch to camtasia 5 if you arent contempt with the now older camtasia 312 version.

Sony pummels the competition for a greener world

Yep they do.
Greenpeace released recent figures covering how companies care for the environment and how their products impact their users and the environments.

Sony came out on top with a 7.3 score, their products are toxic free and recyclable and Sony even endorse you to give back your old stuff.

Microsoft on the other hand makes good use of harmful chemicals in their products so bevare of green childrens if you´re planing to give away a x360 this christmas and thus recieved an abysmal 2.7 score.

Nintendo? Well the company targeting younger then young kids in their adverts, forcing their parents to buy a wii through the might that is kids, well it´s of no surprise to see that they are the worst ever.. Nintendo scored an unheard of zero points, it´s never ever happened before in greenpeaces history.

So here´s the scores for the big 3 in black and white.

Sony - the green giant, whom cares for you and the earth, 7.3
Microsoft - beware of poision, 2.7
Nintento - ouch, Nintendo is on their way to global disintegration, so i recon they must be working for aliens, 0

check the test yourself

AOL Uk gives away free ps3´s

Well, free is a bit strong, but if you happen to enjoy aol you´ll get a free of charge ps3 if you sign up for their 2 year subscription.

UK citizens only

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

worlds fastest tetris player?

on the verge of insanty is what comes to mind, and if you fastforward to roughly 3 minutes left of the video, well then it´s starting to get realy sick.

As a website said, it´s evidence of Japan creating cyborgs :).

Black friday sales

According to Sony, PlayStation 3 sales have increased by 245% compared to last year's Black Friday sales, which of course is a realy nice improvement even tho black friday is only a north american happening.

Uncharted, drakes fortune, concept art

awesome looking concept art findings it´s way to the web from the naughty dog crew.

Gridmodeler for vue6

Gridmodeler has finaly been released after month of development.
It´s an unoficial modeler made for vue, which makes use of grids and images to create models with extreme detail while remaining extremely lightweight (in english, alot of high quality detail with a low number of polygons).

Which makes for speedy renders that looks good, combine that with vue´s solidgrowth and ecosystem and atmospheres and you have a realy neat package.

Gridmodeler, official website

Friday, November 23, 2007

Warhawk, expansion Omega dawn at psn in dec

Operation: Omega Dawn pack features:

* Set at night for added impact and tension, + a new aerial vehicle called KT-424 Combat Dropship.
* 5 new map layouts featuring advanced building complexes and huge industrial towers.
* KT-424 Combat Dropship can take 1 pilot, 6 soldiers + 1 ground vehicle; and carries a new weapon – the MBEC-3 Heavy Support Cannon.
* The Original 5 large layouts from the original maps have been modified to include the new Combat Dropship.

Available on Psn this December.

Great news being posted at threespeech, and let me tell you, we´ll be standing in line to purchase this, warhawk is together with nhl 08 the most played game in our household and starting your own server playing with 3 more family members and friends against a bunch of online peeps is crAzy fun.


Blu-ray (97%) vs hd-dvd, Japan

We continue our travel around the globe to find out how blu-ray and hd-dvd is holding up in the various regions.

We have so far seen blu-ray win in every region we´ve looked up, almost 70% in us of a, and even higher numbers in Sweden, in fact almost as high as in Japan, because even tho blu-ray outsells hd-dvd in north america and outsells it even more in Europe, it doesnt hold a candle to how it is selling in Japan.

Blu-ray players, including ps3 of course since it´s an excellent blu-ray player (best one so far in my humble opinion) outsells hd-dvd and as far as hd recorders, well blu-ray doesnt just outsell hd-dvd, it pummels it into oblivion with a 97% marget penetration and well hd-dvd of course gets the remaining 3%.

Now why is reports like this important? Well from a personal pov they arent, we already have our hd movie player in the shape of the ps3, but for everyone still not using a hd movie player it is. Picking up the loosing side isnt fun, which is something people all over the world can testify to, thing is, the companies making the loosing product dont care about you spending your money on a product that´s loosing out, they want your money even if they´ve already started to make plans to switch in a year or two.

For them well, big deal, you just have to purchase the next thing from them, in this case a blu-ray player in a year or two when hd-dvd is laying in the dust if you´ve been unlucky enough to pick up a hd-dvd player right now, of course, it could be the other way around aswell, but seeing how uneven the fight is, week in week out in sales numbers, hd-dvd winning wont happen. Which is why lifting out sales numbers is important when the difference is as huge as it is between blu-ray and hd-dvd.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Brutal legend, coolest game ever?

Well, who knows, but one thing is for certain, the artwork and style in this game is plain great, how it plays and how the story will work and embrace your or not is another topic alltogether, but it looks temptative so far and i´m for sure waiting to hear and see more of this game, one of the best open gameplay rpg ideas in years for sure.

cvg preview

Oblivion, Shivering isels @ psn 29 nov

A welcome newspost since it´s currently only available on disc, but as of Nov 29 that will change and the Shivering isle adon will increase your oblivion experience with an aditional 30+ hours of gameplay, new stuff, monsters, locations and missions.

Talk about value of money where alot of current gen games sports a total gameplay time of 10 hours or so oblivion gives you 30+ just with a dlc purchase, not to mention that the original game feauters hundreds of manhours of joy.

Unreal tournament III has gone gold for ps3

It will hit stores across Usa Dec 11, so fps lovers, xbots and ps3 owners with a craving for fps, multiplayer games and unreal tournament in particular, now you know what to claim for your christmasgift.

And for us europeans, if you cant wait, import it from the states, it will work on your eu ps3 aswell.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vue, render settings pdf

A comprehensive pdf focusing on what´s good and bad about vue´s render settings and how to improve or fintume them to fit your prefered render better.

Vure render settings pdf

It´s well worth the read if you´re serious about your vue usage but as always, keep in mind that nothing beats first hand knowledge, do your own thing and make your own findings, but this is an excellent walk through to get you started on understanding the basics of vue rendering.

sales numbers, Japan, 12-18 Nov.

DSLite: 81000
PSP: 66000
PS3: 53000
Wii: 36000
PS2: 8800
X360: 5700

The second week in a row where the ps3 outsells wii and software wise dynasty warriors 6 and heavenly sword keep on recieving high and steady sales with ratchet and alittle further down the list.

Wal-mart, ps3 80gig + 15blu-ray movies,499us$

Wal-Mart will be having a “secret sale” on Saturday: the 80GB PS3 will be $499 with 10 free Blu-ray movies instantly - plus another 5 free movies from mail-in rebates.

Not so sure the movies will be something of interest, but still the value cant be denied and out of 15 movies some will be bound to be worth the time and the price isnt one single $ higher then the usual 80gig ps3 pack.

ad number two

Blu-ray vs Hd-dvd the comedy punches

Blu-ray has aparently some funy people behind them and has thus launched honest and to the point video advertisements on the web :).

Anyway, you cant argue with such ad´s, great stuff hd-dvd owners and take note if you´re thinking of buying either blu-ray or hd-dvd.

Oh, for clarity, we do agree with theses ad´s.

x360 new wave of Live ban

Yes, as mentioned previously we do have an x360 aswell as our beloved ps3, but x360 doesnt get to much loving except for the few times our youngest wants to play by himself in his own room, and no this post doesnt apply to us since we dont modify our console and never will, no need to burn games since we dont play that many so if we want a game good enough, we´ll buy it, if not we´ll just check out it´s demo on psn and live, which in the case of the ps3 game uncharted: drakes fortune actually ended up with us buying the game since it was so much better then expected.

But anyway, if you have a modified x360 a new wave of baning has started, seems to include modified dvd firmwares and dvd +-/r discs.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

vue 6 xstream review

The reviewer didnt just settle with reviewing it, he´ll continue to make good use of it in his daily job.

How´s that for an impact

digital producer reviews vue

FFVII advent children exclusive for blu-ray

The FFVII movie seequel, Advent children will get a hi-def, directors cut version with plenty of new scenes that wasnt finished in time for the standard def version previously released.

Advent children will be an exclusive blu-ray relese, eta end of November 07.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Uncharted, second review

Another praise, 9.5 out of 10*´s.
Claiming it to be nost just the best ps3 game but one of the best games ever, regardless of platform.

uncharted,drakes fortune review

First year sales numbers, ps3,ps2 and ps1

Well hard cold numbers cant be argued with but still alot of people claim that the playstation 3´s first year is so much worse then the ps2 and ps1 had, so here it is.

worldwide shipments through year 1.

Ps1: 3.7 million
Ps2: 10 million
Ps3: 6.8 million

3.2 million less then the ps2 but with alot, lot higher pricetag, and more then twice the numbers of the ps1, hard to call that a bad first year.

Sure it could have been even better, but the truth is, if you ask me, that the majority of people complaining are the ones that would liked to purchase a ps3 during it´s first year but never could afford it, to me it´s worth the money and was worth the money on it´s launch day and i would go so far to say it´s priced realy low as of now.

Sure price will go down alittle more next year, but the ps3 is so much value for your money it´s ridiculus, pricy yes, but more then worth it.

Now, the only letdown has been the number of games, the quality is there with several great titles like Warhawk, ratchet and clank, motostorm, nhl 08, skate, oblivion, call of duty 4, uncharted: drakes fortune, heavenly sword and low prices combined with crazy "party" game fun for titles like calling all cars is there, so qualitywise there´s nothing to complain about, but quantity wise the ps3 has had the worst year of the 3 syblings.

Now, all that is about to change with hundreds of games coming out during the coming year and plenty of games hitting home during december, november + i dont see anything to complain about, roughly 70 games in it´s first year is more then anyone could purchase anyway so i rather take good games with a highquality feeling to them then 200+ less great games.

Now, that isnt to say i woudnt have enjoyed having little big planet right now or gran turismo 5, mgs4, the next final fantasy and a hord of other games :) but what we have is more then enough heck i dont even have time to play skate as it is..

blu-ray vs hd-dvd sales chart, nov

Well onward to blu-ray vs hd-dvd.

Last week blu-ray once again walked and jumped all over hd-dvd and this week, well it´s no different then anyother week this year, yes, blu-ray has outsould hd-dvd every single week the entire year, now, why is that important?

Well it means to you as a consumer that you should pick up a blu-ray player if you´re going high definition, unless you can afford both that is.

Nov 4 to Nov 11.

1. Ratatouille -- Blu-ray
2. Spider-Man 3 – Blu-ray
3. Cars – Blu-ray
4. Transformers – HD DVD
5. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry – HD DVD
6. Spider-Man The High Definition Trilogy – Blu-ray
7. Pixar Short Films Collection Vol. 1 – Blu-ray
8. Knocked Up – HD DVD
9. 300 – Blu-ray
10. Meet the Robinsons – Blu-ray

And in case someone doesnt know, every hd movie is available on dvd aswell so regardless of format you can get your movie in standard dvd definition since both blu-ray and hd-dvd plays regular dvd´s, but one movie that should be enjoyed in high def is for sure Ratatouille on blu-ray, great movie for both kids and adults.

Best bang for the buck hd movie player with exceptional hd movie quality? The playstation 3 of course.

console sales, japan, nov 5 - 11

- DS Lite: 78,854
- PSP: 58,964
- PS3: 55,924
- Wii: 34,546
- PS2: 9,043
- Xbox 360: 5,817

that´s a 10 to 1 ratio for the ps3 versus the x360, and almost a 2:1 ratio for ps3 vs wii, and to make things even worse, that period only reflects one single day of sales after the pricedrop so next period should boost even higher numbers for the ps3.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that put´s sony as the nr.1 console division in Japan, the psp,ps3 and ps2 outsells nintendos combined sales.

Friday, November 16, 2007

houdini HD for 99 us$!

In a surprise move Houdini is now available in a HD starving artist edition, it´s the real deal without watermarks or render limitations, which means you´ll save roughly 7000 us$ since houdini HD has all the features of Houdini master.

Talk about a wow announcement, and no you do not have to be a student to purchase houdini HD, the one caveat is you´r limited to 1080p resolution for animations, but that´s hardly a big deal, not to many projects needs a higher then 1080p resolution and the other thing is that it´s not for commercial work.

great deal so pick it up here

Uncharted, one more review

And what a review, the reviewer whom loves Microsoft´s lineup of games claims this is the first must have ps3 title and that he for the first time found himself sitting there, wondering if this game even could be made on the x360.

Even without such loving words it´s a real nice interview, focusing more on the fun factor and feeling of the game then the technical mumbo jumbo.

euro gamer

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Poser has been sold has sold of poser, manga and anime studio to smith micro software Inc.

pressrelease by poserpro

From a personal standpoint, well i dont care, i dont like or enjoy Poser, but depending on what Smith micro do with the app it could affect vue since vue has a phenomenal integration with poser going for it and alot of people make excellent use of both apps, just as a ton of architechts make excellent use of sketchup and vue.

Now what i hope happens with this deal is that smith micro takes poser and it´s fellow apps to a hole new level and improves even further on the integration with vue while at the same time vue strenghten it´s integration with daz studio.

If for nothing else the simple fact that we dont know what a company like smith micro will do with a for them completely new type of apps, ruin it completely or realy embrace it and evolve it.

Korean tv service for the ps3

Korean iptv for ps3 and European dvr functionality a few months away, well the beloved ps3 just keeps ticking away the checkboxes on it´s road to becoming the nr.1 media center solution.

To be honest, we do have a x360 in our home aswell but that´s being used for nothing but games in our youngest kids room together with a ps2 and psp and he spends most of his time playing on the family ps3 in the living room with the rest of us, seriously playstation 3 is the real hd cornerstone in our houshold and it´s just so smooth being able to do it all with just one tiny, great looking console, great stuff and just so smoothly behaving it´s something we could never do without again.

Just imagining having to have a dvd and standalone blu-ray player, a x360 + it´s hd dvd standalone adon a stereo and computer in the living room, now our ps3 is doing all that, playing blu-ray and dvd movies, playing music, streaming movies and music from the wireless pc in another room and whenever we feel like it, downloading music and movies from the pc or importing the music straight from the cd (gives a higher quality then streaming) so we can play it whenever we feel like it from the ps3 hd, which in all honesty is what we always do nowadays when listening to music and soon it´ll support divx aswell, removing some of the transcoding needs as of now.

Not to forget that we dont have to pull up the desktop pc or laptop if we want to check out something on the web, we can do that straight from the ps3 and it´s an excellent implementation aswell.

Bring forth iptv to Europe aswell as Korea and give us the dvr thingy come 2008 and things will be even prettier.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Uncharted, first review is up

ign was first out the door and has unleashed a very positive review of uncharted: drakes fortune.

Having played the demo like most of you guys i can only say that i preordered this game right away after finishing the demo for the second time, tons of small and very neat details and pure fun is what makes the drake ride tick, great game and great demo, the first time this year a demo made me go from hmmm we might get it next year on sale to preordering a game.

playstation 3 will support divx

nothing much has been said so far and one cant say much more then it´s confirmed that your shiny ps3 will get an update which enables divx support, which is great, no more recoding of such movies.

threespeech knows more


read the press release

Monday, November 12, 2007

Vue6.grid modeler + video tutorial

Chipps working hard on a new module for vue6, a pretty smooth and easy to use gridmodeler.

Now, what one should keep in mind is that vue is a terrain and landscape application which lets you create atmospheres,terrain and plants, it´s great at what it does and probably the most userfriendly app i´ve ever used while still managing to be very powerful at what it does and as can be seen in this video tutorial vue has a very powerful and complex editor, however it´s entirely possible to model in vue aswell.

Vue isnt a modeler and shoudnt be used as one, but for simple and especialy architechture driven stuff vue works real well, the vue userbase have seen such modules as vuetools previously been released and now is the time for the gridmodeler.

video tutorial

ps3 40gig, 36k units sold in one day.Japan

Aparently 31 000 white ps3 40 gig´s where sold the first day in Japan and 5 000 black 40 gig ps3´s.

Not a bad day by any accounts even without adding 60 and 80 gig ps3´s into the mix and white seems to be the color of choice aswell.

article´s in german

Ps3 theme app from Sony.Australia

The Australian playstation division decided to release a small app which will let you create your own playstation 3 themes.

Windows only atm.

click to download

Japan goes Playstation 3

i´ve never seen one system holding the nr.1,nr2,nr3,nr4.nr5,nr7 and finaly 11:th position in the top ten(11) chart and some of them have sold out, which of course is both good and bad, depending on how you look at it.

No im not talking about software and stuff, we´re talking about the console itself, yep it´s correct, right now the various versions of the ps3 system is holding those spots, looks pretty bizzare but im sure Sony must be enjoying it both for the amount of sold consoles and the increase in spiderman 3 movies that gets out there (blu-ray)

amazon,japan chart

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Drakes fortune demo updated: worldwide

yep that´s right, the uncharted drakes fortune demo that was released on the USA psn store has now been updated and naughty dog has now made sure that people all over the world can download the demo and play it, so no region lock in other words.

Go ahead and dl the demo once again and send a big thank you thought to Naughty dog dev´s whom went from home straight back to the office just to fix it for us non USA citizens.

read the official naughty dog post

Blu-ray vs Hd-dvd

The numbers speaks for itself.

week ended 4 Nov: Blu-ray 71% of movie sales and hd-dvd 29%.
Year to date: Blu-ray 64% hd-dvd 36%.

Link to nielsens numbers

The transformer boost aparently only lasted for a week for the hd-dvd camp, and not even that week had them outperforming blu-ray.

Now, take into account the new and more affordable ps3 40gig unit and realy, why would anyone go hd-dvd, not even xbox 360 users has a real incentive to pick up the hd-dvd ad on for their console, it´s pretty pricy and ad´s one more unit in front of their tv, so if you´re going to have two units anyway and you already have one x360, far better picking up the more then affordable 40 gig ps3 and use that for your hd movie pleasure, not that big of an difference in price compared to the hd-dvd adon for your x360 and it will allow you to enjoy blu-ray movies instead of just hd-dvd movies and blu-ray is the winning hd movie format.

Secondly, picking up a low priced ps3 gets you access to even more games and since both x360 and ps3 have some neat exclusives this year (think uncharted for ps3 and ratchet and clank and haze and warhawk first and foremost) well that is of course much better then picking up a hd dvd adon for your x360, as of now, hd-dvd is going down the drain, the outsold ratio is increasing, not decreasing, and every hd-dvd exclusive movie will sooner or later end up on blu-ray, as were disney and sony will never release their movies on hd-dvd.

Simple pick aint it? With the exception of some die hard x360 fanboys it would be fun hearing what you sane x360 owners thinks of this.

Oh and dont forget that your lovely ps3 already supports the holy blu-ray 2.0 features, except for the software of course, but unless you´r living in a void like some do, you already know that sony´s lovely ps3´s blu-ray player keeps getting updated firmware per firmware and what it can do today is far beyond what it could do at launch, and when it launched it was already one of the best blu-ray players.

In other words blu-ray 2.0 wont be far away for the playstation 3 which is something that cant be said for early stand alone blu-ray players.

Final verdict is that you just got to love being a ps3 owner as far as high definition entertainment goes (games, movies, music).

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Motorstorm 3.0 update + dlc

Yep, Motorstorm just keeps getting better and better on the playstation 3, one year after it´s initial release the dev´s still keep updating the game adding even more to it.

In fact, one year after it´s japanese debut, i still hold Motorstorm as the nr.1 next gen (current gen if you ask me) racer, it´s still better then dirt and sega´s racer in fact, those games arent even close in my book, decent racing games but Motorstorm is ahead.

So what does the new 3.0 and dlc brings to the table, well one new track and 6 new cars with multiple skins and 10 new race tickets is what´s included, the brand new track do look real nice and is what makes the latest dlc worthwile.

3.0 as a free update brings with it support for dualshock 3 and let´s you toggle the dualshock sensitivity, but it will also let you control the sixaxis motion sensitivity which is neat and might make motostorm playable using nothing but motion control, the 3.0 update also brings with it some starting grid position changes, your placement in previous races will now determine your starting position in the next race.

With the low, low price of Motostorm, every new and existing ps3 owner realy should pick it up, great value and a great in your face experience for sure.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Uncharted, 9 min long video from naughty dog

If you dont want to know anything about the game, dont watch this movie, but if you´re dying for some more Uncharted loving, this is a great movie, showing off both gameplay, behind the scene stuff like ai awareness and comments from naughty dog dev´s.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Oh and dont forget the 5 free Blu-ray movies

Yep that is right, once you´ve ordered your ps3 from dell dont forget to pay blu-ray a visit.

If you live in Usa and Canada Sony and disney will ship you five free blu-ray movies for purchasing any blu-ray player and yes that of course includes all the available ps3 models.

God damn, makes you wonder why europe wont put up such an awesome deal, i would have ordered a second ps3 right away..

And here´s the link directly to the pdf for usa citizens, just fill it and send it in.

Dell sells ps3 + ratchet and hdmi cable for 399us$

Included in the deal is also the Spiderman 3 movie on Blu-ray, best ps3 and game console and hd movie player deal this season? Well we think so, so just go ahead and hit the link and order one ps3 for yourself, the value of this walks all over the competition (wii and x360 and standalone hd.dvd and blu-ray players).

here´s the complete list.

• Game/Movie system (the ps3 itself)
• Sixaxis wireless controller
The game Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
• AC power cord
• Audio/Video cable (HDMI or Component cable sold separately)
• Ethernet cable
• USB cable
Startech 6ft HDMI Cable
Spider-Man 3 on Blu-Ray

Dell, online shop

Thursday, November 1, 2007

ps3 breaks guinness world record

Im talking about folding@home and guinness have now officialy confirmed that the folding@home network is the official world record holder for the most powerful distributed computer network.

Pretty nice, knowing that we ps3 users dont just play games and watch dvd and hd blu-ray movies and listens to music and play online through our wifi network, we also cure cancer, how many other console owners can claim such a thing.

Anyway, that´s a pretty impressive number, over one petaflop is generated by f@h.

longer article by

Star wars, the exhibition, Sweden Örnsköldsvik

The tickets to the Summer 2008 Star wars exhibition in Sweden, Örnsköldsvik has been released online today.

Read more about it here in örnskö´s official blogg (Swedish only), or buy your tickets right away here

The main Örnskö website will launch a Star wars, the exhibition section in the comming days in both Swedish and English.

Brilliant new tv ads from Sony

The first one has to be one of the greatest tv ad´s i´ve ever seen, brilliantly executed and so smooth and engaging to watch, and that´s coming from someone whom works with media creation.

Sonys new ps3 399us$ tv ad

just for pointers, i never did get sonys this is living ad´s, but this is pure brilliance.