Saturday, May 24, 2008

MGS 4, review and images

Lot´s of spoilers so beware tho, but the keypoint is that it´s written by a non MGS fan, who´s prior history was limited to playing mgs 2 on pc, however he claims that for aslong as he can count to 10 and remember 10 games Metal gear solid 4 will be amongst those 10 games and that´s simply put how good this game is.

Anyway, i have to confess that we havent preordered this game, but after reading this review that´s exactly what we´ll do.

hit the link for the scanned magazine pages.

Streaming and free Vue video tutorials.

Ivan Barbarich is one of the many talented vue users that´s contributing his time and knowledge for others to benefit from.

Actually, more then one Vue user will testify that Ivans free of charge tutorials eclips commercial dvd´s like Asilefx´s.

www: Ivan, flv videotutorials

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blender 2.46

New features 2.46

What a nice improvement over previous Blender versions and in all honesty, Blender is now seriously on the verge of rendering quite a few commercial packages obsolete and in fact, Blender is one app which i would love to see vue7 Extreme and Infinite support out of the box.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

One more Resistance 2 screen

This one was posted over at ps3 fanboy.

ps3 fanboy, resistance 2 images

Resistance 2 looking sharp

Psu has a few more screens and it´s pretty obvious that Resistance 2 has come along way since it´s older brother and if it´s gameplay improvements and refinements can match it´s new looks it will for sure be a nice ride.

In all honesty, we never felt that the first game was that great, it had a nice atmosphere and story but that was all there was to it since the graphics and linear maps were alittle last century, but with Resistance 2 things look like they´ve been heavily improved upon and it´s 8 player co.op for sure is something we´re looking forward to.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Baltic sea tour 2008 - East indiaman Göthenborg

Örnskö added a new English section today, the Baltic sea tour 2008, East Indiaman ship Göthenborg which will be touring the baltic sea during the summer.

Göthenborg will amongst other visit Örnsköldsvik July 27 to 29 smack in the middle of the Star wars the exhibition event.

Lot´s of high profile events in Örnsköldsvik this summer in other word.
Göthenborg is a real life replica of a ship that sank just outside of Sweden 1745, it was authenticly rebuilt and is now sailing the seas of the world and has even visited china.


Baltic sea tour website section

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Playboy, voted - sexiest gamer of the year

Well, in all honesty she was elected, the sexiest cybergirl of the year, but since she loves pc and console games we rephrased the title.

Besides, one thing we dont get is why is it so weird when females and especialy good looking females enjoy a good console or computer game, hell, sexy looking girls are allowed to have fun aswell, or? If not, dont tell my girlfriend since she both enjoys playing games and have the looks to match playboys choice and that´s a combination i enjoy alot :).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Europe´s the main Sony territory

Well no, not if you look at pricepoint, release dates and such, but it might be if you look at quality since we usualy have both the US and Japan beta testing early consoles and other hardware.

However, Europe realy is the main Sony territory if you look at revenue and sales, yep that´s right, Eu is now the nr.1 income and sales territory for Sony, and that´s not just talking about the lovely Ps3.

Other media

Sony operating income article

Carrara 6 pro, Mimic plugin and C6.2 update

Daz continues to churn out new Carrara 6 updates, this time the Pro lineup is recieving a 6.2 update which fixes alot of bugs and smaller issues + adding support for the Mimic Pro plugin which recently got released.

That combined with it´s stellar C6pro sale should make for quite alot of new c6pro users, if you´re into 3d and digital media it´s more then worth looking into even tho i prefer vue6 Infinite over C6pro for landscape and scenery Carrara has alot to offer when it comes to modelling, posing, Hair and Fur creation, rendering and animation, my personal opinion is that there´s room for both apps in your pipeline atleast for the current c6pro sales price.

C6Pro 6.2 update

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nin.New and free of charge cd - The slip

Yeap, Nin´s doing it again, last time it was Ghosts and now they are back, releasing their new cd on their website, free of charge before the cd hit stores later this summer.

A great initiative and aparently it´s working just great for them seeing it´s the second album in a row that they are releasing like this.

Hopefully, more artists will follow suit and who knows, perhaps Metallica will be the next one.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Freezing issues with GTA IV? Easy fix

No need for that 12 step program which R* posted, just log off PSN before you start GTA IV, tht will solve your problem and if you fancy playing some multiplayer, just log back in from inside of the game.

We cant confirm that last bit since we´re still enjoying playing by our own, but loging off PSN do cure the freezing issue, and we know it because GTA IV used to freeze every single time we tried to play it before loging out of PSN.

Ulvön and Veckefjärden Golf club - UK sections

Time has come for the weekly UK update over at örnskö and this time it´s not just one section but two.

One is featuring Veckefjärdens Pro Golf Club, which will amongst other, hold the very first yearly Pensum Invitational by Peter Forsberg this autumn and the other new section is all about Ulvön, an Island just marking the southern boarder of Örnsköldsvik and part of the high coast world heritage.

As always there´s both images and textual content.

Örnskö, UK sections

Ulvön - The high coast pearl
Veckefjärden Golf club