Friday, June 15, 2007

Modo Hockey: facing russian top teams, jan 08

Russian top teams, Metallurg Magnitogorsk and Slovan Bratislava is poised to face 07 sm gold winner Modo Hockey in 2008 years Europe cup.

Only one team goes on to meat the winner from the other group, and i guess both Modo and both russian teams had wished they played in the second group, which looks far easier, anyway, great games to look forward to for hockey fans from all over the world.

ps3.motorstorm has been updated

well sometimes dev´s do work quick, yesterdays postponed update has been fixed and today released, so make sure to go online with your motostorm on your server of choice to update it, once that´s done, head on over to the psn store and download the new game modes, otherwise motorstorm will get corrupted.

the update works flawless btw and is super smooth :)

edit: you need to install firmware 1.81 aswell to be able to update motorstorm.

vue.real flow liquid simulation in plain english

Real flow is one of the higher priced plugins,3d apps you can obtain in your pipeline, considering it´s limited use, but it´s a very powerful application and used in virtualy every movie,tv ad you can see that makes use of digital liquids in one way or another.

here´s a rough walktrough, presentation of how to use real flow in plain english by forester over at the official vue forum,, quite interesting i might add and simply presentated.

check it out, real flow in layman terms

ps3.scea ceo speaks up

great qoute that realy says it all about the future for ps3.

"We fully realize that past success is no guarantee of future success, but it does give you some perspective. We have to bring the games to market that will showcase what the PS3 can do and ultimately entertain you like no other games have. We need to provide proof of what the PS3 can do for you and work tirelessly to improve the value and justify your investment. At the end of the day, it's always been about the games. To push the boundaries of gaming beyond where they currently lie takes a great deal of risk. I think all the hardware manufacturers are doing that in some way. We could have easily produced PlayStation 2.5 at a slightly increased price over the older model, and driven some nice profits and marginal innovation for a few years but that's not how we got where we are today. You have to gamble and make major investments in the present that will pay dividends in the future."

i know one things for sure and that´s the simple fact that i´ve enjoyed our ps3 alot more this early in it´s lifespan then either ps1,ps2 or my old xbox, heck im getting alot more out of our ps3 then our pc´s (work related stuff put aside of course :P).

And sure i would have loved to see 100x more launch games, but heck that has never, ever happend with any console launch ever and ps3 brings so much more then just games to the show +, in my honest opinion, the launch games were better then the ones ps1 and ps2 had (and both xbox consoles), but of course, gamers will always complain, it´s just part of nature and has always happened for every single console and pc, heck every single hardware launch for a pc,mac get´s poluted the same way aswell, there´s always going to be a certain % that wants more or just see flaws.

anyway, ps3 had a great launch and is maturing better then i had ever believed, cant wait to see what has happend in 6 month :)

ps3.update 1.81

yep that´s right a new firmware update is already out,on the way, havent turned on our ps3 today so im not sure if it´s been released or not, anyway, it´s great to see sony pushing out firmware updates and a regular high pace mode.

this one fixes a small bug with the recent rgb full mode for hdtvs that´s connected through a hdmi cable to your ps3(which of course everyone that has a hdtv makes sure to do since hdmi is the only way to realy experience hdtv on any hdtv capable console).

ps3.the free motorstorm update gets a slight bump

a small last minute bug that reared it´s ugly head has postponed the free motorstorm update (which would amongst other include a new game mode) slightly.

read more about it from the horses mouth,the game dev´s themselves.

official blog post about the slight delay

odin.the tiger

great looking pictures and a testimony to the beauty of life.
Tigers can swim and quite well aswell, but like virtualy every catspecie out there they wont swim unless they realy have to, however odin over at the discovery kingdom in california loves to swim and dive.

be sure to check the vivid photos of this diving tiger, to cute, that´s for sure.

7 pics of odin,courtesy of aftonbladet

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 5 engine video

A new game engine from id is always neat, their own games might have been lackluster the last few years as far as game evolvement goes, but their engines are still being made good use of for other games by other dev´s.

And titles like et:quake wars look real tempative, and so does the new game engine labled 5.

an early demo video made in a few weeks just for the carmach speech shows of a very promising new game engine, cant wait to see what others dev´s will do with it and if it will finaly allow id to awake from it´s creative slumber, and once again deliver something inovative and addictive like q1,q2 and q3 was back in it´s days.

check it out

btw: is it just me or is the tech 5 video extremely motorstorm inspired, it atleast looks like motorstorm was used for inspiration,foundation.

modo. golden rain of financial success

modo was last seasons big winner, in every term imaginable.

they won the, they had the biggest financial profit of all elitserien teams, and they dubled up their revenue...

Not to mention that they finaly got a new arena, and what a new great place to call home! Modo hockey also saw it´s home audience rise from the ashes and once again deserver the good ol saying, swedens most one eyed audience, hell yeah!!

what a great year.

anyway, this post was about the financial side of things and modo aparently made around 11 million in pure profit last year, thumbs up modo hockey and make sure to keep the momentum now.


ps3. official playstation blog

yep thats right, sony finaly joined the world wide web and launched an official blog,website for to the point information straight from the horses mouth.

I mean, not that sony hasnt had a website previously, but it´s been a realy ho hum one, now this is alot more interesting looking, atleast in my humble opinion :)

official ps3 blog

ps3.sells one million units in 9.5 weeks

surpassing both ps1 and ps2 and xbox360 and wii,
Bring on the software and watch the sales chart skyrocket in other words.

news source

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

nhl. anaheim brought home the cup

and a big hooray for samme, it´s always nice to see a modo player taking home something big, and he´s always been one of my fav players, a hard working, ass kicking player that doesnt make much headlines, but he´s always there doing his work better then most.


surface: microsoft powered "the island living room table"

not entirely true tho not far from it.

And, still a hell of a, to the point website presentation and touch has a very, very high "i want one for our living room" factor :)

If it would ever get released with a better looking bottom half of the table i would pick one up for our living room in a hearbeat, that´s for sure.

surface website


vue.standalone render tutorial

short, to the point pdf tutorial covering how to use the standalone vue6i renderer.
Nothing fancy at all, but it covers what you need to know and for people new to vue it might be of help, afterall we do see this type of questions pop up every now and then on the official places.

credits for creating the tutorial goes to p walters over at the cornucopia website.

pdf tutorial