Sunday, September 30, 2007

sales numbers, consoles

Latest sales numbers from Japan shows sony on top of the world.

- PSP: 277,794
- DS Lite: 70,523
- Wii: 24,992
- PS2: 11,373
- PS3: 10,732
- Xbox 360: 1,687

And the top selling software is two psp titles, final fantasy and metal gear.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Asilefx. vue function editor explained

Asilefx has released two new vue product´s, first the vue6 function editor guide, a pdf that shows every single node and step in the function editor.

check it out here

Looks like a realy usefull little resource.

and 300 colormaps, which i personaly dont realy see any point in picking up, but then again you might.

color maps for vue6

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ps3. breaks folding record

The magic barrier of 1 petaflop per second in folding@home has finaly been breaken, and it has so thanks to playstation 3, the ps3 consoles alone calculates more then 1petaflop per second.

In fact the ps3 consoles makes up for an astounishing 80% of the folding calculations even tho they arent more then 20% of the numbers of cpu´s, check the image for a reference.

Now, how´s that for performance and something of real worth.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

300.first hand impressions

Call it first hand impressions, a review or whatever, but we finaly purchased 300 on blu-ray and well, you know, my expectaions werent that big, seeing the review during it´s time on the big screen.

But still, i realy did enjoy every footage i did see from it and by the end of the day, a blu-ray movie aint that pricy, sure, it costs more then the dvd, but the money aint much to talk about, so i picked it up for an adult only night at home with my girlfriend.

And it for sure was a pleasant surprise, the image quality is just superb, best i´ve seen so far on blu-ray or anyother format, excellent sound and you know what, the story and narration was spot on.

And that´s comming from someone that doesnt realy enjoy shallow, skin only movies, but i didnt find that here, sure it´s realy violent, and the spartan society could by alot of people be viewed as a light pre wwII german one, but that´s the thing.

Even tho the movie is of course exagerated it still shows off how society was during that timeframe, so nothing weird with that, does it feel bad, yes.

Does it make your skin crawl, yes, but that´s how life was for alot of people and cultures, in the end 300 realy is a sight for sour eyes and the story is good, actors do their thing and with honor, the style and sound, the quality of the movie, it´s all top notch and well worth it´s price.

As for the blu-ray version, if you do have a nice hd tv at home and a phat blu-ray standalone player or that gorgeous playstation 3, do pick it up, if for nothing else, to atleast see how hd movie quality should be as of now.

To round it up.

300 get´s 9.3* out of 10 by me (which puts it one . ahead of gladiator if you´re wondering and slightly below braveheart)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Heavenly sword review @ psu

a 9.0 verdict with the following pro´s:

- Unforgettable atmosphere combined with ample replay value.
- Beautifully detailed with everything in harmony from animation all the way to the audio system.
- Great combat system complimented by impressive A.I.

And the following qoute will have to make due unless you click the link and check out their review.

what it dares to do in the video game industry that makes it remarkable and unique. Never have there been such life-like characters in any game--characters which instill a sense of care from the player through the stories in each of the character’s eyes whether antagonist or protagonist. The presentation is completely remarkable, with support from full motion capture performances and beautiful voice acting.

We´re busy playing warhawk and nhl 08 and Cocoreccho, but we´ll eventually get around to puting up a review of Heavenly sword.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

warhawk. part II, first hand impressions

After playing warhawk for a few more weeks i just had to repost again and say that this game is pure brilliance.

The implementation of the sixaxis motion sensor is so smooth it´s like second nature using it, at first it will feel weird, and i guess some sceptics leave it at that, not giving more then a few minutes, but if you do, the rewards are pretty quick.

Driving the warhawks in pro mode, using the right analog for increased and more extreme manouvers, the left analog for separat aiming and the motion sensor for diving,climbinb and banking left and right is just so second nature after a short period of time, makes you wonder how any flightsim can do without motion sensor controls and warhawk isnt even ment to be realistic, it´s all about pure fun and skill based gameplay..

Great stuff in other words and realy, how anyone can prefer the wii control over this is an enigma, sure it´s personl preferences but warhawk truly is an online multiplayer masterpiece.

As a comparision im also recently been playing quake wars on our high end pc and warhawk is pretty much the same thing.

Just that as good as quake wars is, and it is, warhawk holds all the trumph cards.
It´s more fastpaced, it´s more instant to get into, it´s not as cluttered and mystic at first glance, everyone can dig into warhawks goals and gameplay the first few seconds but mastering is another story tho.

Warhawk actually looks better to, but what they do share is that they are both realy fun to play, but once again warhawk has the upper hand.

Best online fps i´ve played since q2ctf now that i´ve given it a few weeks and easily this years online fps king so far, and to be honest, i dont see most heavy contenders being able to detronize it, sure games like UT III will be all out and cool but just like quake wars they wont most likely be able to deliver that pure fun ride that is warhawk.

vue6, back to school sale

yep, thats right, e.on software, the makers of vue is offering a 50% discount on vue6 esprit Monday September 17th to Sunday September 23rd, which means you´ll get to pick up v6esprit for just 99 us% during this time period.

A great way to get into the vue product family and affordable upgrades to more feature packed versions of vue.

With that said tho, vue 6 esprit is a realy, realy nice landscape and scenery application.

Friday, September 14, 2007

HD war. two new players

A well, the stupidity leak continues, yeah, yeah competition is good, that´s for sure and it will atleast help drive down price of both blu-ray and hd-dvd but still, how can movie companies help supporting two new hd movie formats?

People will go crazy, and all it will do is slow down the high definition format acceptance, because a big pool of people wont purchase anything until there´s one last man standing up, which we all know will be blu-ray :).

But anyway, first as we already know china-dvd is on the horizon, a new hd format mainly for china... But it will of course cross boarders sooner or later.

Second of all, a french company will roll out HD-Vmd this year in Usa, central Europe, the nordic countires(including Sweden), Australia, Brazil, China and japan.

Lower price is the big catchphrase for both hd-vmd and china-dvd.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

review(s) of heavenly sword

First off the bat is consolemonster which gives HS a nice and positive review, ending giving it a final 87% score, which for consolemonster is a nice verdict, warhawk which is so far the best/most enjoyable ps3 game according to alot of people also recieved the same score, while darkness got 86%.

The positives were:
- stunning graphics
- addictive gameplay
- and the nerdy, ariko is hot factor, haha well she´s beautifuly made and would be a nice looking female in real life, but it´s still a non factor for purchasing stuff, dont you think.

The negatives were:
- lack of multiplayer (which we know ninja is testing, so it might arrive as a download later on)
- somewhat repetitive
- kind of short story

You can read the review here

ps3. firmware 1.93

The latest and greatest firmware update is out, and one have to admire the pace with which sony is releasing new firmwares, atleast one per month since the european playstation 3 launch.

And most of those firmwares have added new and important features to the already impressive feature list of the ps3, comparing an up to date 1.93 ps3 to what launched in europe is a big difference, and especialy blu-ray has come along,long way forward, now supporting both true color, super white and hdmi 1.3 and native 24 blue ray fps playback.

Anyway, the exception from the rule is the 1.93 firmware, all it does is fix some issues with the 1.92 firmware, but that´s not a bad thing, especialy considering 1.92 was released just around the corner.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Review, nhl 08-playstation 3

Ign calls it the best ice hockey game ´til todays date and gives it a glowing review, i for one have this on the must have list and our family will pick it up as soon as it hits the stores, the new ai and skill stick system and the completely analog speed and movement of the players sounds real neat, not to mention the create a play feature, have to see tho if ea realy can live up to it´s promise that every sport game released for the ps3 would boost 60frames per second or not, according to ign the ps3 version only runs in 30 fps, but i recon that might be a pre release issue, anyway, we´ll know for sure once the game is out.

Ign: 8.6 out of 10

Friday, September 7, 2007

Darklight.blu-ray.dvd remote for ps3

Sleek and polished designs are neat and this has to be the best looking remote i´ve seen, makes for a perfect partner for your ps3 woudnt you say :)

blu-ray,dvd remote website

Console sales. Japan

No need to realy say anything since the number speaks for themselves, Aug 27 ´til Sep 2.

Wii continues losing ground, and x360 seems to be heading towards 0 sold consoles per week in Japan, but everyones (some us analysts atleast) favourite hate pet, the shiny ps3, keeps on improving it´s sales, it´s always amusing seeing how out of touch most analysts are with reality, in 12 month they´ll picked up what everyone else can already see, ps3 is gaining momentum each week that goes.

Wii - 39,371
PLAYSTATION 3 - 18,068
PlayStation 2 - 14,280
Xbox 360 - 1,635

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Vue. Stereo imaging script

Mark has released a free of charge stereo imaging script for v6i users.
If you have any 3d glasses you´ll know what´s the deal with it, if not the script will allow you to easily render stereoscopic "3d" images of your 3d stills and animations.

Not hard to do without a script either, but this handy little thing do make it even easier.

Mark´s stereo script for vue 6 infinite

flash authoring.Swishmax 2

A pretty handy online webresource from the Swishmax creators which shows off more or less every single feature of the soon to be released swishmax 2 version.

I´m myself evaluating the latest swishmax incarnation and i have to say that Swishzone realy has a nice trackrecord, what started out as a user friendly flash authoring application mainly focused on cheesy text effects in the first swish incarnation labeled swish has matured through each generation and with swishmax 2 it´s clear that besides flashpro, Adobe´s own flash authoring application swishmax 2 is the clear choice for both hobbyists and pro´s.

One realy shoudnt pay to much attention to the cheesy and old legacy of swish, swishmax 2 is a serious flash authoring application and makes use of the same terms and scripts as flashpro due to swishzone deciding to drop their own swishcript remake of actionscript.

But what swishzone has kept is the userfriendly approach, the application is just that more intuitive to take up and learn with as you dwelve deeper into the realms of flash development and design.

Swishmax 2 still lacks a few of flash pro´s features but the difference is alot smaller then what most pro´s would imagine, on the other hand, if you´re already mastering flashpro, well then there´s nothing to gain from picking up swishmax 2.

If you´re a newcomer tho, or if you master flashpro but realy arent into it´s workflow and gui, well then swishmax 2 is an excellent choice, same thing literally, but it behaves friendlier and feels friendlier.

As for myself, well i´ve been using flash since macromedias days and im still using flash now that adobe bought it, but i´m also using swish since the early days of swish 1, so i´ve been through alot of incarnations from both adobe,macromedia and swishzone, all through swish 1 to 2, to swishmax 1 and now the beta testing of swishmax 2.

And you know what, i´ll continue to use both productlines, because the truth is, i realy do prefer the workflow of swishmax 2 compared to flash pro, but some things still are alot better in flashpro or not supported yet by swishmax, so for me both apps do have their place, for other´s flashpro is the only thing they´ll need and for other´s swishmax 2 is a much, much better flash authoring application.

Anyway, check out the online reference for swishmax 2 to get alittle more beef on your feet´s before making your decision, or just download the public beta version and find out for yourself what´s the deal with it.

What´s up with sm 2

ps3.warhawk review pt2

Ps3 fanboy put up a review of warhawk, and just like myself they felt it´s the best ps3 game so far and one of the best online multiplayer games to date with nice graphics and pure fun and fast paced gameplay with plenty of depth´s and intiutive controls even for non gamers.

check out their glowing 4 man review

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

psn updates and new ps3 firmware

Firmware 1.92 for playstation 3 has been unleashed upon the world and brings with it the following improvements.

- Playability status with the PS3TM system has changed for some PLAYSTATION®3 format titles*.

* This does not affect titles in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania

And as for the confirmed psn update(s) here´s what official as of now, but im pretty sure the next three weeks will see alot more content then this.

MotorStorm Coyote Revenge game content 06/09
Heavenly Sword Making of and anime part 4 6/09
Lair trailer #3 6/09

Heavenly Sword Making of and anime part 5 13/09
Motorstorm Vehicle Sets 1 13/09
LocoRoco Cocoreccho trailer 13/09
inFamous trailer 13/09

Motorstorm Vehicle sets 2 27/09