Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spiderwick chronicles making use of vue

Did you know that ilm once again (quite common recent years) used vue in one of their movies, this particular case was spiderwich, the chronicles.

Even the official trailer shows off some vue loving, fancy a read from one of the ilm artists, it might not be that exciting and it´s realy more an advert but still there´s a recent article about vue and ilm and spiderwick the chronicles

E.on talks to ilm about vue

Örnskö, English sections

Star Wars - the exhibition was the first Swedish Örnskö section to get fully translated.

Örnskö, starting may 2008, has commited to translating one section per week so if you´re looking for information and images regarding the lovely coastalcity Örnsköldsvik in Sweden, Örnskö is the place to visit.

The first section was as mentioned, Star wars the exhibition, you´ll find contact information, links to purchasing tickets, links to the official star wars - the exhibition website, images from the very atmospheric museum where the exhibition will take place and general up to date information and come may, you´ll get more sections with tons more images and information about places in and nearby Örnsköldsvik and the high coast (which is a world heritage), where to do what, where to shop, go, what to see and, how to and where to go clubing, sport´s, events and what not.

Great resource for potential tourists in other words, there´s alot of content and images in Swedish, but so far, and as announced, only one proper english section.


Oh, in case you´re wondering, that´s how the url örnskö looks like in firefox.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Star wars, Launch of Swedish invasion

And so it begins, today, 18 April, marked the start of the Imperial invasion in Sweden, it´s of course a marketing stunt, showing off the comming Star Wars - The exhibition that´s taking place in Sweden this summer in the lovely little town called Örnsköldsvik .

Arlanda, Promotion
Read more, text and images from 18 April

Images from outside the Museum of Örnsköldsvik where Star Wars the exhibition will be hosted
Swedish article regarding Örnsköldsvik and Star Wars - the exhibition