Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hardware sales, week ending jan 26

DSL: 429,727
Wii: 354,359
PSP: 186,922
PS3: 146,742
360: 128,878
PS2: 115,625

Impressive numbers over all, considering we´re talking about Januari, the month where the normal living, breathing human being, have zero amount of money over :)

National geographics is pure blu-ray

Joining ranks with warner, National geographics will now only release it´s movies on the Blu-ray hd medium.

Astonishing to see some people still buying hd-dvd in US of a while here in Europe people even get money when they trade in their useless hd.dvd players and instead pick up a blu-ray player.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Eu driving playstation 3

With big sales, outselling x360 week in, week out in Europe and an ever increasing sales %, Italy + 70%, Australia + 45% (not that i count australia as an European country, but they are included in PAL regions) and the ps3 outselling the x360 by a 3:1 ratio in EU last week, Europe is for sure once again driving the success of a Playstation generation.

And finaly it´s paying off with Sony focusing more energy on Europe and releasing stuff for Europe first and secondly US of A, PlayTV is bound for release in key Eu regions by the end of April, and even tho we already have dvr built into our plasma tv it´s nice to see Sony widening the apeal of the ps3, making it even more the premium media center solution for any high end household, well with the latest pricedrops ps3 is affordable for any kind of household, so high end should more be read as households looking for the best entertainment solutions for their own pleasure and fun today and tomorrow.

Resistance 2 looking realy good, highres image

Have to say i´m starting to look forward to this game, great graphics and it´s just pre alpha, 8 player co.op and what not, i wasnt that big of a fan of the first game even tho we sometimes play it in co.op in our family, but against warhawk and the likes it´s just not that popular with us, great story and atmosphere tho and with the increase in graphical quality and 8 player co.op resistance 2 is starting to look realy interesting.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

top 250 sales chart @

sales chart for HD movies since warner went Blu-ray

It´s a chart from showcasing how hd-dvd sales on amazon has rocketed downwards while Blu-ray has remained in the top ranks.

Sony will distribute it´s movies online in divx

Sony Pictures Television announced today that online retailers will soon be able to offer Sony content for download in DivX format. The news came as part of a partnership with DivX, Inc. that will also let those files be playable on DivX Certified devices. "We are dedicated to finding legitimate outlets for our content and to that end are excited to be working with DivX to provide retailers with an expanded ecosystem for the digital distribution and playback of our digital media," said Sony Pictures executive VP of Digital Distribution & Mobile Entertainment, Michael Arrieta.

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DivX Pro for Mac free again (for some odd reason)
SanDisk Sansa to support DivX video
A spokesperson for DivX, Kristina Weise, told Ars that this would offer consumers high-quality Hollywood content in DivX for the first time ever, and that the deal would cover "all titles in the Sony Pictures Television library." She also said that all titles would be download-to-own, but that there will be some type of unspecified DRM. Tracking down those DivX Sony movies might be a challenge, though. "We have no announcements with retailers at this time," she told us.


Great news for both users and Sony, one more step in the right direction for Sony whom seems to have been on fire lately and the last few weeks Sony seems to have been doing everything right.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First and last hd.dvd from New line cinema

And the answer is Pan´s labyrinth, it was released by the end of 2007 and it will mark history as the first and last hd.dvd release by New line cinema, all their other movies, past and future ones will only see the light of day on Blu-ray and good ol dvd.

I cant wait for lotr to hit blu-ray and later on the two new hobbit movies, great times ahead for hd movie lovers.

Besides, has anyone noticed that sony demoed that you´ll be able to backup your blu-ray movies on your ps3 and further take that backup with you on your psp or a memory card, great news and times indeed for movie lovers, legal and easy to do backups is great.

Friday, January 4, 2008

worldwide sales december

Total Worldwide Sales for the Month of December:

Wii 3,869,926
PS3 2,081,432
PSP 2,399,757
PS2 1,958,444
Xbox360 1,894,335

alot of consoles got sold during dec 9 to dec 30 and one has to start realising that current gen is about the 7 year old ps2 aswell and not just wii, ps3 and x360, the 360 got last in line again, but the most impressive one is ps2, whom could have imagine ps2 outselling x360 seven years after it´s launch.

Nice totals for Sony btw.