Wednesday, February 28, 2007

female viagra

According to usa channel news4 it´s in the pipeline and will most likely hit us in 2009.

Not realy viagra tho, it will act and behave quite differently, instead of increasing the bloodflow down there it will increase the female lust, making you girls horny in other words.

well that cant be bad now can it :)

pipeline integration

pesky sounding, but todays reality for alot of people working in various segment around the globe.

Who knows you might learn something, or have something to say or teach others.
Regardless i´ve updated a thread which is about just that, integrating various applications with each other, covering modern day´s demands for artists, producers, companys and hobbyists with to much money and time to burn...

Usefull for ad,movies,3d,photography and video,print and magazines and arch viz(especialy city planing and landscape architechts)

informative integration pipeline thread

ekwall: Swedish wimp

Well i can understand ekwalls point of view here, it isnt fun getting a 60.000:- sek phone bill for one months of usage (divide in 7 to get the amount of us$) Ah ok, you´re lazy so how about me doing it for you, well it´s 8571 us$ :).

But you know, Ekwall realy is.. i dont know, i mean we all know you have to pay roaming fee´s while being abroad, it´s sad yep, but we all know about it.

And besides, i mean didnt he even get to see the sun or? 8571 us$ is quite alot so he cant have spent much time without his laptop during his vacation.

Just confirms my opinion of this so called tv4. profile.

With that said tho, i do feel for him, Telia has a responsability here aswell to control what he´s doing or just disconnect his 3g connection once it hits a over the top amount compared to his usual monthly bill.

Not to mention that the roaming fee´s are nothing but greed anyway, it realy should be flat rate world wide.

free biz accounting app from Microsoft

Yep the big old redmond company just doesnt charge you money, they actually do release stuff free of charge now and then.

Only available for Usa citizens.. but for those of you residing over there it´s a fully working and capable accounting application so who cares if the website design is subpar to say the least.

But as a designer im alittle curious as to why microsoft would release a site that´s so ugly.


worlds smallest bluetooth headset

ant sized headset

Or perhaps not, but it´s small for sure, but it aint pretty..

dimensions are as follows:
35 x 18 x 12,5mm
and 8grams...

neat portphones

who cares.realy..

But for those of you that do :), there´s a new generation of portphones, stylish and clean, i guess some would say, "i.pod" like in it´s apperance.

newspost + 2 images

Monday, February 26, 2007


final fantasy

2 more games to go.Elitserien, Sweden

With just two more games to finish of before the playoffs begins it looks like Modo has it´s nr.3 position in a tight and secure grip.

But which teams will risk losing their elitserie status and which teams will be left outside of the playoffs, thats the big Q in what has been one of the best elitserie seasons in well, i dont know how many years, but i cant even remember it, thats how good and exciting this years ice hockey season has been here in Sweden.

Im a bit let down by Modo´s behaviour the last few games, we all know they can do so much more and if they would have kept on playing on their normal level they would for sure have claimed atleast the nr.2 spot, but oh well they´re atleast top3 which will give them one more extra home game and the oportunity to be one of the teams to choose their first playoff competitior.

exciting times ahead for sure!

ps3.disc based game price

Sony has revealed that disc-based games will cost EUR 59.99, which isnt that high of a price for a soon to be released game console, xbox 360 is actually priced higher.

Downloadable content and games will of course be priced alot lower, games will cost between 2.99 and 9.99 €.

eu.ps3 changes in the wind

European ps3,hardware changes

The eu.ps3 gets hardware changes due to cost reduction on sony´s part, sadly that limits the number of ps and ps2 games that can be played straight out the box on the playstation 3 here in Europe.

Things might improve tho over time since the software emulation that will handle the ps1 and ps2 games will improve over time, but then again i know i wont be playing that many ps2 games and absolutely zero ps games on our playstation 3.

Yep we´ll be picking up ffx12 but we do have two ps2 in our house so we´re well covered :)

Friday, February 23, 2007 release

it´s out now, so go ahead, pay up and start creating, vue6 infinite is in my humble opinion, by far the best landscape and scenery 3d application out there, it´s versatile, smooth to use, powerful and better then ever.

v6i product page

wip: winter scenery

just a work in progress piece, showing of a 3d winter landscape im working on, nothing fancy. yet :)

winter and envelop

poetic title, huh.


the oled man is back, and im not sure it´s any better this time around, or well in all honesty he hasnt released anything yet, as far as i know.

but it looks cool and atleast 24.00 looks neat with it´s midnight text, but im not so sure how fun it will be to read twenty minutes past twenty everytime you look at the clock instead 20.20, fun idea tho and as mentioned the clock atleast looks cool displaying midnight.

verbarius.textual clock

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Swede´s.happiest peeps in eu

Hey check us out, We´re the happiest crew in eu

Well nothing to say about such great news, just enjoy it and be happy..

Ah okey, yes i do, for once feel they actually got it right, we are happy, realy happy to be honest, and why not.

It´s an joy to live in Sweden, we still have nature, animals, we have a solid country, not that much criminality, no war monglers, and we´re not overcrowded like alot of other countries and we have a pretty good life financialy aswell.

Hot chics and well trained guys, well behaved and rough enough to please our good looking Swedish females and plenty of quality sex even tho of course, virtualy every Swede would like to have alot more sex(i mean anything less then once a day aint enough, we all know that .P)

Anyway, read the report

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

lightroom vs apples aperture

can there be only one

no idea realy :)

or well the answer is usualy no and i think no is the answer here aswell, anyway check out the arstechnica review and make up your own mind which app fits you better, i know i´ll stand by arstechnica´s opinion that lightroom comes out on top.


Modo hockey made a double hat trick! last night vs frolunda Indians, and that and the 3 points it gave us was about the only fun with that game, sure it was entertaining and the game had alot of chances but oh my, i dont like how modo played at all, and no frolunda was even worse.

Nah, Modo you´ll need to step it up alot now that the playoff is near, you´r top 3 right now so please, play like it! I know you can and you´ve played like champs for so long during this season, so please dont lose it now that the playoff´s about to begin.

video covering all the 11 goals in last nights hockey game

wii´s losing ground

or atleast taking a temporary nosedive in Japan, im personaly not surprised since as fun as it can be to stand in front of your tv waving your arms it´s no reason to buy an inferior console system(in my humble opinion), especialy not since you can stand in front of your tv and wave your hands, run and jump on playstation 2 aswell (eyetoy) and we all know that will happen on playstation 3 aswell.

So, sure if wii would have been a better console or cheaper then the good ol ps2, then it might have made sense, but now it doesnt, atleast not for me.

Granted it might bounce back and come out on top, but i dont realy care, i see no reason to replace any of our ps2 systems with it and i see no reason to pick up a wii to complement our ps3 and pc.

It´s old hardware, old games and in my humble opinion nothing but a new way to try and redo the success of sony´s eyetoy, this time with a controller instead of a camera, which for me feels worse.

And yeah, there are some fun games for it, thats for sure but it´s not enough for me and the wii mote aint even close enough to be a reason to purchase a wii since i much rather fire up eyetoy to play some crazy monkey.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

new cybershot generation

Just tumbled around the corner and it´s looking real neat.

or how about wifi, 2gig onboard mem, hd output, 15x optical zoom and more, the one thing i cant make sense of is the ability to play music tho, i mean... we have a million and one mp3 players for that, or as in my case, cellphones that replaces the mp3 player so noooooo please i wont be using my digital camera as a mp3 player, on the other hand i guess someone will and there´s nothing wrong with that, i guess.. :P

anyway, wifi and hd output and 15x optical zoom is great.

Hdtv.pc.ps3.wireless broadband.psp.home theatre + cybershot camera and our living room has a nice little entertainment pipeline, our family just need a new sonyericsson cellphone that connects to the ps3 and remotecontrols it via wifi and it´s complete :)

take a look

playboys top 25.

no need for any comments realy since pictures are all that´s needed in this case since playboys top25, is all about the sexiest girls according to playboy.

who knows you might be one of them, you might not agree, you might think they nailed it, you might think it´s scandalous, oppresive or whatever, let us know.

ps. i do believe it´s a pretty good list, some good and welldeserved choices (since we speak about famous people), i mean we all know girlfriends or friends or neighbours that should be @ the nr.1 spot, but since we´re restricted to the people playboy knows about i have to say it´s a pretty decent list, atleast some of the girls would fit in our own top 25.

top 25 in images


im not big of an apple fan, in fact i´ve never enjoyed working with mac(which i do regurlarly) im a pc + windows person, just how it is, but the apple airport hub is neat.

product info

Monday, February 19, 2007

bunnies that faded to early

Aparently Anna nicole smith joined a not so funny and bright membership club,
the playboy bunnies that passed away before they reached the age of 50.

And the number amongst that group that passed away due to drugs and murder is higher then expected, which of course just hints at what we already know, the modelling world aint as pretty as it wants to be, it´s a sad and tragic one for alot of people, but of course a pretty and funny place for others.

some of the models, from marilyn to elisa bridges

small and smaller

Amillia Sonja Taylor, i wont blame you for thinking, now, who´s that?

Well she was born in Miami, Usa, no more then 21 weeks old, 24 cm and a mere 284 gram...

Yep, you´re right, that´s the size of a pen, but she´s recovered and she left the hospital in Miami yesterday.

So, give her a big hooray for making what no one before her has been able to do.

picture´s and a small article

ps3 preorder hysteria

playstation 3 is soon about to hit europe and it seems that Sony will manage to pull it off one more time since blue ray sales are outdoing hd-dvd by a 2:1 margin since the launch of the ps3 and playstation 3 is by date the most preordered console ever (in europe) for a number of big punters like amazon, etcetera.

gamesindustry knows more

mpaa: double standards

well what can one say, realy...

mpaa´s copyright infringment

short article from another source regarding mpaa´s copyright infringment.

read it over at the inq

jackson vs New line

Lotr, kong and the hobbit what do they all have in common, well peter jackson and New line cinema is the thin red line.

Anyway, short article covering why the hobbit, one of the most looked forward movies since the first lord of the rings movie, and it´s no wonder why.

I´ve always remembered the hobbit as a much better book then the ring trilogy and after seeing what P.jackson did with the lord of the rings movies, well the thought of him doing the hobbit and then one more movie (to be spanning the 60 years that goes on between the hobbit and the fellowship of the rings), mmm mindblowing...

But now it looks like the hobbit and the second prequel is in bad shape, then again who knows, whoever does it might make an even better job out of it, and it might still be Peter jackson and weta that ends up doing those 2 movies.

However, main point is, do not rush it, if it´s rushed it will suck, regardless of whom makes it.

short story in premiere, including James camerons take on it

.the flying car

Terrafugia transition, a name to remember, due to arrive in 2009 American firm, terrafugi will unleash a car that will be able to both fly and swish down the streets like any good ol bmw, volvo or ford mustang.

The price will land somewhere around 148.000us$ so it wont be cheap, but then again, you´ll get both a car and plane.

Not to forget is that you´ll need both a license to drive cars and planes, so it wont be for everyone.

small picture of Terrafugia transition

Quite a lame name btw, atleast in my humble opinion, but as always, someone else will love it, which is just how it should be :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

vue6xStream and lw

Short quick test and very low quality render by some aussie designer, checking out how xStream lets lw objects run around in a vue scene.

Nothing fancy, just a proof of concept

free casino royale to ps3 owners

Atleast for the first 500.000 playstation 3 owners that registers on the playstation network service.

Makes it two free Blue-ray movies for our home in other words since the place were we preordered our ps3 has thrown in re.apocalypse aswell.. Not that it´s a movie to die for.. not to mention that we watched the dvd version, but still it will be fun comparing the dvd and Blue-ray versions.

Alittle more then a month away now :)

- First 500,000 PS3 Registrants on PLAYSTATION®Network to be Rewarded with Casino Royale on Blu-ray

London, 12th February 2007 ? Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced today that, in addition to the extensive line-up of games, the first 500,000 purchasers of PLAYSTATION®3 who registered on the PLAYSTATION®Network would receive a Blu-ray disc movie of Casino Royale, starring James Bond newcomer Daniel Craig.

Casino Royale, which has already grossed more than $560 million at the box office worldwide, and has established itself as the most successful Bond film of all time will debut on a 50GB dual-layer Blu-ray disc encoded in MPEG-4 AVC. With a ground breaking collection of added-value features in 1080P High Definition visual quality, and with uncompressed audio features for the best possible audio experience, Casino Royale not only demonstrates the exceptional visual quality of Full 1080P High Definition movies on Blu-ray disc, but is the perfect vehicle to highlight the broader entertainment credentials of the PLAYSTATION 3 system.

Kanaflash. online japanese

Well atleast it covers Kana, so if you´re intrigued to start learning Kana, jump on over to Kanaflash, a flash based online application that works pretty smooth.

works directly in the browser if you have flash enabled, it´s a lightweight and fastloading website.

Kanaflash website from Sweden

chrysler lays of 13000

Detroit Free Press informs us that Chrysler lays of 13000 employees, which means that the downward trend of Chrysler continues.

Chrysler made a 10 billion skr (divide with roughly 7 to get us $) loss during 2006

myst online. uru live opens today

not that i care, but considering the popularity of myst throughout the years i guess a certain percentage of you might.

Some predicts that it will put an end to the dominance of world of warcraft and even overcome it in popularity, something im sceptical to, considering that wow is unmatched by a very wide margin.

But anythings possible and no, i´ve never bothered with world of warcraft either, im more of a mp action/story driven sp games person (quake and the likes on pc as far as mp is concerned) (and eye toy´s damn fun aswell).

Here´s the link to Uru Live

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

pocket small 12gig hd


small and good looking

forsberg on the move?

Who knows, my opinion is that he should go home and give Modo hockey a few good years in Swedbank arena(Swedens nr.1 hockey arena), would be great for Modo and for Peter himself, staying in NHL only increases the chance that he´ll get seriously hurt by hockey.

Then again, that´s just my opinion and in the end, he´ll of course end up in a better NHL team then Philly and for sure, he´ll remain in NHL for a few more years.

Guess we´ll know for sure in a few more days tho but that´s my take on it.

exchange student gets 3.9million skr

that´s around 570.000 us $, give or take, coudnt be bothered to check the current exchange ratio, anyway, why is she getting all that money.

Because aparently she got hit in the head by an olivetree while studying in Australia, Sydney.

The accident took place in Hyde park and she claimed she now suffers from permanent brain damages and such, which is a pity of course, but her grades increased after the accident so it cant be that bad of a braindamage if you´re getting smarter :)

A well, the chinese student got her grades and a small sum of money so all is well i guess, unless of course you would happen to ask the gardening firm that had to pay up since the city of Sidney was homefree according to the supreme court.


2k7 top 10.cellphones

Atleast if you´re asking idg, a Swedish news site for everything it/tech related.

not sure im in agreement with every choice or motivation, but there´s for sure alot of good looking cellphones comming our way in 2007.

But hey, they did manage to list my next phone so props for that, and nope im not telling you which one it is, who knows, i might still change my mind :)

2007 top 10.cellphones ala

sports illustrated.covergirl

And the honor goes to Beyonce, well deserved if you ask me, nice looking chic even tho my sexy and gorgoeus looking significant other would have done just as good(or better if i would have been the only person to be asked :P), but Beyonce fits the bill and she´s famous and we´re not :)

And no we woudnt want to be either, far better living the great life we do and not having press scrutinize everything we do or dont, makes you wonder how many so called stars regrets their choices in life deep down.

- is it worth it?

Well obvious, tons of starstruck people would say so, i dont, seeing some or most of the people that´s alittle closer to us, most of them doesnt seem to happy,perhaps on the surface, but not where it realy matters.

Anyway, this is about sports illustrated and their new covergirl B, nice, basic looking photo and the second colored girl in s.i´s history to reach the cover.

A nice choice it is, a real girl, good looking face and body and as always, looking decently sexy and hungry for life.

cover photo and article(in Swedish)

iipa report.Sweden

iipa, case study - Sweden -

Aparently we´re in bad shape in Sweden, moraly, atleast according to iipa.

top 5 blogg tools

Well atleast according to pc world.

The nr.1 top spot went to none other then blogger and here´s what they had to say about the newly crowned champion.

- This full-featured blog platform offers quick setup, easy customization of templates, and a simple-to-use interface. -

read the entire verdict here

vue6 Infinite

Well time has come and e.on did deliver, granted it´s no more then a pre release, but it is working, it is as solid as expected out of an pre release and it is very feature rich.

Beta testers has been hard at work to make sure this is the best vue release ever and the fact that e.on did go with the pre release route this time marks an important change in their philosophy and i have zero doubt that once the real deal gets released vue will elevate itself from the other landscape and scenery applications out there.. More then ever.

With this said, i do have to say that the v6i pre release do have it´s shortcommings, duh, it´s afterall still in development so whom would have expected anything else.

The good´s
- the render engine, it´s a big step up compared to v5
- ecopaint... such a smooth workflow and joy to use
- workflow improvements, neat little details has made vue even more userfriendly
- spectral atmosphere, big thumbs up e.on
- real clouds, when it finaly happened in vue land it delivered a solid experience for sure!
- pipeline and workflow improvements
- renderbull
- reposing inside of vue
-alot more, which we´ll touch upon later on

the bad
- still no real fluid engine
- no real solidgrowth 4 improvements (flickerfree doesnt cut it for me).

for more information regarding vue6 head on over to

e.on software´s website

new gadgets: 5megapixel cellphones

Omnivision steps it up

Doing a quick quite from the omnivision site.

- OmniVision brings out 5 megapixel auto-focus shooter module for mobiles -