Wednesday, March 28, 2007

modo hockey.semi final 4

well dont even get me started....
Modo hockey´s been the better team in 3 out of 4 games but it´s now tied to 2-2 in games, and damn was hv realy lucky last night ....

ah i dont have words for it, but come thursday and i hope to see Modo grinding hv to the ground, taking the semifinal series to 3-2 in games so we can end it on saturday in swedbank arena.

one has to hope and be positive :)

ps3.powered family :)

Yep, we´re now a playstation 3 powered family and we´re a very happy one :)

In short it was well worth every penny and some more to be honest.
I was alittle reluctant the last few days before our ps3 arrived and thought more then once that it´s alot of money for what could end up being nothing more then a new console, slightly better then our two ps2 and of course not even being up to spec with our pc, but once unpacked,installed,upgraded it was with joy i sad to my gf that it´s one of our best purchases, great buy and there´s no other way to look at it.

We´ve since our purchase ripped all our cd´s, in other words, the ones we do listen to,downloaded gt hd concept,played motorstorm, watched a few dvd´s and blu-ray movies, installed lemmings starter pack and just had a realy nice time.

We also took the time to upgrade the entire household so all our pc´s, ps3 and peripherals are wireless as of now, which is damn sweet, and nah, we didnt stop there we also redid our hallway and it´s great looking, very open, soft and light on your mind with some sparse and neat oaktree details.

As for the pc´s we decided to hide them from sight so all you can see is a brand new samsung widescreen monitor, a new wireless logitech keyboard and mouse, perfect looking and non intrusive.

But let´s get back to the ps3, it´s god damn smooth, and im not talking about it´s exclusive looks, im talking about how it act´s, far better then i could have dreamed of and it realy, realy has replaced our dvd, stereo, potential blue-ray movie player and other consoles in the living room, it´s so damn neat that we tossed out our old home theatre system and ordered a new hdmi enabled 7.1 system, which the ps3 supports if you´re using hdmi, with, of course, wireless back speakers.

As for motorstorm, well the cinematics, the clarity, the graphical quality and colors, now that´s how hd should look, great game to btw, which i´ll post about later on :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

turning back the time

christmas 2006, what realy was the best selling console in the world? well it wasnt wii,ps3 or the xbox 360 it was once again, playstation 2, which actually outsold xbox360 by a margin of three to one! here in Sweden, and if you pull up the data for japan... you´ll just cry over how bad the xbox360 is selling, it´s strong in Usa, but still ps2 is selling better.

Which of course isnt something sony is crying about, ps3 is already selling better then what xbox360 did, at a higher price and ps2 is still outselling all the other consoles so the playstation brand is just as strong as it ever been, and a topselling ps2 of course ensures sony that a constantly increasing ps2 userbase will some day start to look at ps3.

Early adopters are great but that´s the other party that realy matters.
Anyway, im myself surprised that playstation 2 is still the worlds best selling console, granted content is king and games is what makes a console and by that token, ps2 is still the king. ps3. motorstorm gets top rating

Svd, motorstorm review, best racing game ever

mm, best racing game ever pretty much sums up what svd´s test panel thought of motorstorm, neat and short review and the testpanel seems to have realy been taken by motorstorm, calling it "best reason to purchase a ps3(as of now)" and a "surreal experience".

They end the review by saying that it also shows that the racingworld needs playstation 3 since motorstorm is a new breed and experience, and a very, very promising start.

Thursday, March 22, 2007 uk ps3 adopters - free 46" hd tv by sony

Wow, talk about a nice gesture, every single uk ps3 owner that stood in line waiting for the release that took place this night also recieved a 46" hd tv for free, courtesy by sony + a taxi to take em home safely!

Just wish sony would have done the same here in Sweden, haha a well i dont care, great move tho by sony and im sure their loyal fanbase in UK will send some happy thoughts to sony.

Also, npd numbers shows that sony, despite it´s critics mumbling, is selling faster/better in USA (where it´s critics seem to come from) then what the xbox 360 did at this particular stage in it´s timeline.

Granted sony is much, much bigger when it comes to consoles so i guess some critics believed it would sell a hundred million units by launchday :) anyway, all well in other words in sony land and judging by the recent euro update things is looking brighter then ever for ps3 owners.

ps3 uk launch party

Just another lier

Politicians are as we know all hypocritic, liers and backstabbers, talking smack about things people shoudnt do that they do all the time on their own and well, moral´s have never been a politicians strong side.

Seeing someone wasting their and others life´s for seven years living a complete lie just because it needs to look good in the publics eye, lol wake up and smell the roses.....

But that´s just a grand looking wish because politicians wont ever grasp the idea that it´s far better being a real person, showing the world the truth, speaking the truth and just enjoy life, instead they´ll keep on pretending, lying and talking smack.

And they wonder why people have lost interest in politicians and politics (apart from the ones that think money and fame is worth everything)

Swedens ex primeminister göran persson

oh btw, the wife wanted a divorce in 1996, what a weakling to refuse that because it would look bad.. ah lol, the world is such a funny place, but on the other hand, i´ve always said that´s all he is, so this is just confirming my opinion of the good ol goran.

ex wife talks out

1.6 ps3 news update

realy, realy nice work on this update Sony, great stuff for every up and comming and excisting ps3 owner

cheers for listening sony.

"Up to 6 pieces of content from the PlayStation store can be queued up for download while the user enjoys other functions of the PS3 system, including playing games, browsing the web, using media functions including photo browsing, video and music playback. Progress of downloads can be easily tracked under a new Download Management menu under the XBM's network icon."

qoute was taken from this 1up article

Sunday Night Foldathon

in support of Stanford's cancer research efforts, how do you do that?
It´s simple just turn on your ps3 come sunday night and let it participate by starting your @home application.

Lets do it, why?
Because you´re helping stanford cure the world of cancer, now that´s a good reason to turn on your playstation3, and heck that´s a great reason why you should buy a ps3 instead of xbox360, yeah ok, i might not be serious about that, but if you do own a ps3 like we do, turn it on and make the world a better place.

quick match report(s) in swedish

for the ones of you that can read swedish, here´s a few matchreports from various sources.

allehanda.niclas sundström, king of the arena

allehanda.general point of view

btw, karol krizan had 96.2% last night, which would have been 100% unless hv71 had made that totally fluke goal, more then excellent performance anyway from krizan, but a shut out is always a shut out, hope he can pull one off on friday.

But Karol´s performance is going upwards, game by game, and that´s a great feeling because every single person knows how good he can be when he reaches that special place of his.

expressen.34 seconds was enough to shut down hv71

dn.hv71 roadkilled by modo

And last, but not least a match report by Modo hockey themselves, best one actually.

Modo Hockey.Hv even missed the qualifier if it would have been a highjump competition (according to their own coach)

Semifinals.Swedish elitserien 2007

Modo Hockey: 4 hv71: 1 in yesterdays game which makes it 1-0 in total games for Modo, hip hip hooraaaaah.

Big matchwinner(s) was niclas sundström and kk, also known as kristian kuusela and of course karol krizan which altho not tested realy hard still made a great game.
And modo as a team just outplayed, outdid and more or less completely destroyed hv71, 4-1 should have been 7-0 or something like it.

Now, come friday and this game wont mean a thing, except that hv71 knows how completely and utterly outperformed they can be by modo, but friday will for sure be a harder game, if not hv71 might have already lost this semifinal.

Färjestad did what they were supposed to do and won the game vs linköping in the other semifinal with 4-3 in sudden death, cant say that im impressed by either teams performance.

Or as the fans(we) sang, säämre än timråååå, säämre än timrååå,sääääääämre än timråååå, ni är säämre än timråå, which doesnt translate well to english but the meaning is that hv71 wasnt as good as timrå :)

Modo 1
Hv71 0

in games and we have tickets for sundays home game, and we did felt like going to the away game on friday but it´s 120 miles away (european miles that is)and we have to work on friday aswell so it´s just not possible.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ps2 games on ps3

short list of some of the games that will work on ps3, with more or less obvious problems, some without a single hickup.

50 Cent: Bulletproof ***
Auto modellista ***
Battlefield 2: Modern combat ***
Beyond good & evil *
Burnout 3: Takedown **
Burnout revenge ***
Buzz! Junior: Jungle party ***
Buzz! The Big quiz ***
Buzz! The Sports quiz ***
Buzz! The Music quiz ***
Call of duty 2: Big red one * och **
Call of duty 3 **
Canis canem edit *
Cars ***
Dark chronicle **
Devil may cry ***
Devil may cry 2 *
Devil may cry 3 ***
Eyetoy: play 2 *
Fahrenheit ***
FIFA 07 *
FIFA Street 2 *
Fight night round 3
Final fantasy X *
Final fantasy X-2 *
Final fantasy XII **
God of war ***
God of war 2 ***
Gran turismo 3: A spec **
Gran turismo 4 prologue **
Grand theft auto 3 ***
Grand theft auto: Vice City ***
Grand theft auto: Liberty Ciy stories ***
Grand theft auto: San Andreas *
Grand theft auto: Vice City stories *
Harry Potter & The Goblet of fire **
Harry Potter & The Chamber of secrets
Harry Potter & The prisoner of Azkaban * eller ***
Ico ***
Jak 2 *
Jak 3 *
Just cause * och ***
Killer 7 ***
Killzone *
Lego Star wars ***
Lego Star wars II: The original trilogy ***
Metal gear solid 3: Snake eater * eller ***
Metal gear solid 3: Subsistence ***
Need for speed: Carbon *
Need for speed: Most wanted *
Prince of Persia: The two thrones *
Prince of Persia: The warrior within *
Prince of Persia: The sands of time **
Pro evolution soccer 6 *
Resident evil 4 *
Shadow of the colossus ***
Silent hill 2 *
Silent hill 4: The room *
Splinter cell: Double agent *
Tekken 4 ***
Tekken 5 ***
The Godfather * eller **
Tomb raider: Legend ***
The Warriors ***
Yakuza ***

*** No known issues at all.
** Should work on playstation 3 with some minor issues.
* Should work on ps3 with noticable issues.

Keep in mind the software emulation will continue to get improved over time, as of now 1800 out of all the ps2 games released in europe works more or less with the on friday to be released playstation 3.

That will continue to improve and games will work better and better, if you care at all about the backwardscompability, the only ps2 game i might end up playing on ps3 is final fantasy 12, and that´s only if our kids are playing on both our ps2 units :)

knut.the polar bear

Is on route to Sweden, perhaps atleast, but the good news is that it´s 100 percent that he gets to live, the german wildlife park wont kill him as per the crazy animalrights fighter Frank Albrecht demanded.

Yes, feeding an orphaned polarbear is un natural, but killing him is inhuman, it´s our obligation to help endangered animals and it´s our obligation to help any animal get a safe and vivid living without causing harm, killing is causing harm..

Hope we get to see knut here in sweden and that we´ll still be able to enjoy polarbears in the free in the years to come, regardless of where he ends up the wildlife park is looking for a better place for Knut once he´s old enough.

elitserien.2007.covering farjestad

decided to do a post about an article covering färjestad, it´s a nice read even tho it´s my number one hatepet in swedish icehockey, i just dont like the team, in fact i dislike em.

but it´s the team to beat, year after year and for that you have to respect them, the article is a nice read of the team that´s been at the top of swedish ice hockey playoffs for the past ten years, 8 final´s and four sm gold in the last ten years, that´s quite a feat, but still the team realy do suck :)

aftonbladet newscoverage

final game against timra.personal opinion

Well, we´ve all heard journalist after journalist expressing that the emotions, the audience, the noise, the cheering was more or less the best they´ve ever seen, it was far out of this world.

And you know what, i have to agree with them, you could even touch the electric feeling in the arena, the audience was totally gung ho and we screamed, cheered and sung our hearts out long after the final goal, it truly was magic and every single player in modo hockey just loved it, actually even timra´s hockey players gave the public an applaud.

And do you think we stopped after the players had left the ice, no way, we continued singing for i dont know, it felt like 20 minutes or so before modo hockey came back into the arena in their underwear, see a previous post, anyway, that´s the kind of audience you can only hope for when being a icehockey player.

And that´s one of things making modo hockey such a great club to play for and that´s why you can see every single one of the imports wanting to play next year aswell, even notorious clubhoppers like döme is just loving to play for us.

the audience, the club and the arena, it´s a magic trinity and one can just hope that modo will continue to build upon this in the comming years and that it will carry over into energy now that the semifinals start up.

Let´s go to war, modo hockey!

a swedish blogg post covering the same topic

one more entry covering the same out of this earth magic game

Modo hockey. support

Decided to do a post about modo hockey support, they´ve been doing an excellent job the entire season and as everyone that´s been viewing the playoffs on tv or live have witnessed, modo hockey has rabid fans, gentle and polite, but rabid, screaming, loudmouthed fans that knows how to make some god damn noise! just ask anyone from timra :P.

And we´re proud of it, being a modo hockey fan, that is :) we´ve been to virtualy every home game live during the regular season, i think we´ve missed 3 games this year, and during playoffs even going to some of the away games and of course not missing one single home game in swedbank arena.

Modo support, website

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Morrison on route for sunday

Yep, Justin Morrison´s starting to look good enough to play against hv in the semifinals, but by the looks of it he´ll miss the first two games but according to Modo hockey he´s scheduled to play on sunday.

Welcome back if that´s the case, and lets hope so, we´ve missed ya.

Ah and as far as tonight goes, we´re going to attend the first semifinal match between modo and hv71 in swedbank arena here in ornskoldsvik, with just four teams left in playoff´s it´s starting to get real tight and hard to predict the outcome, but i´ll stand by Modo and i´ll stand by my old prediction that whomever advanced from the quarterfinal game between timra and modo would end up playing in the sm final.

So let´s hope for a brutal modo hockey victory in tonights first out of possible seven straight games against hv71.

ps. targeted as the mercedes of entertainment.consoles

all according to sony ceo´s, Sir Howard Stringer.

"PS3 is a different audience and it can be whatever it wants – a home server, game device, even a computer," he added.
Stringer praised Nintendo's latest home console, calling it a "a wonderful device," but he believes it "has a different target audience" to the PlayStation 3.
The CEO also stated that sales of Blu-ray DVD movies, the format that forms a central component of the PS3 and is one of the main reasons it demands a high price, is currently enjoying better market penetration that the rival HD-DVD format.
"We are selling 3-to-1 versus hd-dvd.

A 3-1 ratio for sure doesnt sound or look good for hd.dvd and the xbox 360 ad on, granted since it´s just an ad on, microsoft can launch a blue-ray device anytime.
However as the ps3 population continues to grow alongside the standalone blue-ray i´ll have to say that blue-ray seems to have already won over hd-dvd.

Delayed ps 3 titles from ubisoft and vivendi

Nothing earthshattering in my opinion since most of em are old reharsh games, not bad games tho but still nothing new under the sun for those of us that has a pc or an xbox 360 so this is not the games im waiting to pick up for our new ps3.

So no biggy for me in other words and it shoudnt be for you either :)
In my humble opinion that is.

anyway, Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Double Agent is due a week after launch, while Bethesda´s RPG Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion won't be released until April 27.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is due out in june.
Rainbow six has a new spring date.
And fear will arrive in april.

Epic´s Rein backs up ps3 as the market leader


Nothing much to say realy, he´s more or less right in what he´s saying, playstation is still the one to beat and what happens during a launch is nothing new, high prices, to little games, small child like diseases, etcetera, nothing new under the sun.

It´s happened for every single console, including ps1 and ps2,xbox, and so forth, and it happens for pc aswell.

Have to say that i think that things have matured realy good for sony and the playstation 3 since it´s recent launch in japan and usa and things are looking realy good for the european launch and the future of the ps3.

Just take the backwards compability as one example, sure initialy less games will work, but that´s also the games that´s less popular and more games will be added as time goes by, so no big deal at all.

But that´s not the only point of view, we also get the ability for ps2 games to scale up, which was impossible with the previous hardware solution, but it´s now you guessed it, possible.

So all in all, the new backwardscompatible solution is actually for us, the end users, better.

More on the ps3 1.6 euro update

Yeah, yeah i know that usa/jap will get the 1.6 update aswell, but heck it´s scheduled for the european release of the ps3 so im dubbing it, the euro update :)

The psp remote viewing/streaming capabilitys will now indeed work on the 20 gig version aswell as the 60 gig, and as i mentioned earlier you will be able to connect through the wifi/web, so it´s alot smoother now.

Background downloading, it´s worth mentioning again, albeit some limitations are supposedly still left, which will be fixed in a future update, no information yet on what exactly those limitations are, but regardless, it´s there and it´s working!

Better software keyboard, it´s a fully fledged software keyboard now and not just the cellphone like version previously implemented in ps3.

Browser improvements, it now detects your video output settings and there´s a zoom function aswell.

and more to come :)

crocs. or in swedish, foppatoffeln

Foppa toffeln sold 500.000 units the first year alone and has thus made pforce, the company that has the rights over here 250 million skr (2007.01), which is amazingly good for such a small region.

And it continues to ramp up the success, but dark clouds have gathered over the gazy crocs sky.

A norweigan hospital has banned the use of foppatoffeln since they believe it´s responsible for frying a hospital machine, of course nothing has been determined yet but it´s under investigation, and if it indeed has, that´s a big bump in the lawn for pforce since hospitals are one of it´s biggest sales area.

Read more in Swedish

ps3. how to browse any folder

Just tap the triangle button and pick search/show all once you´ve plucked in your external device and there you go.

It´s not a new discovery but since alot of media is still talking about the playstation 3 not being able to browse folders that hasnt been properly named it´s worth reposting.

so no problemas in other words, your new ps3 can browse any folder on your external hd´s,mp3 players, psp, ipod or whatever your flavour is.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wildlife Wonderland... struck by thiefs and scumbags

No, i´m not refering to the aussie wildlife memorial park itself, they are not scumbags and thiefs, im refering to the bloody thiefs that broke in and stole animals from the wildlife park.

Wildlife Wonderland is a memorial wildlife park founded in the memory of Steve Irwin and it educates youngsters about the facts of life and animals, aparently they´ve now been hit by some lowlife scumbags that´s stolen several animals from the park.

Most likely to be sold on the black market.
We can just hope that the animals wont get abused to much, but frankly i despise people like this and the animals will most likely suffer a grim fate..

And why? for a few us$... i´ll qoute a short line of text from one of panteras songs and i think that says it all, "just give me 5 minutes alone..".

take2 sues thompson

and not a day to early!
People like Jack thompson is not what the world needs, if we need games like gta is another question tho, i do find them pretty appealing myself even tho i´ve played far better and more immersive games, but they are well done and not even close to being to much.

Not that i give a flying about the usa way of suing each other, it´s embarasing to say the least, but when the game gets dirty you take it to the offenders own ballbark so this time i´ll aprove.

Anyway, read more to find out about the scumbag lawyer that is Jack thompson
ign has the scoop

CAMPS, Civil Aircraft Missile Protection

That´s the name of an anti missile protection system developed by Swedish saab in cowork with chemring(gb) and southafrica.

It will protect civil aircraft´s from terrorists and the company figures they´ll sell a few hundred systems per year for roughly 700.000us$ per plane.

Aparently there´s been 35 attempts to shoot down civilian airflights in the last ten years so yes, i can realy understand why airliners would want to pay up for this.

e.24 knows more covers playstation 3

Nice article in Swedish, covering the playstation 3 prior to it´s eu launch on march 23.

The article pretty much hit´s it head on but the author needs to step up alittle since he´s missed a few things.

A: rumble is comming to ps3 (Sony and Immersion made friends in the end)
And the ps3 rumble will actually be an updated and much better rumble feature then the previous one.
B: there´s no need to buy a super expensive hdmi cable, go for a more affordable hdmi cabel
C: Cant remember if they missed out on something more, but it´s a good read and a few nice looking images.

More ps3.Folding @ home covers seti@home on playstation 3

"It's really a perfect fit for us because it lets us apply our technological advancement to something that is so good and so important," said Richard Marks, senior researcher with Sony Computer Entertainment America. "One of the main reasons we're here today is just kind of a call to action to PlayStation 3 owners"
end qoute

Predictions by expressen

Modo vs Farjestad in 2007 years elitserien sm finals, atleast according to expressens sport experts.

and i do agree with them :)

Predictions. semifinals, Swedish Elitserien

Japanese population. zero sex?

Well one can wonder, recent studies show that 40%, fourty percent ppl! havent had sex in the last month..

And no that isnt the 70-100 year old part of the population, we´re talking about the japanese prime, 40 percent of the japanese population between the ages of 16 and 49 havent had sex in the last month.

Now, that is pure sad.

Sex is after all the finest gift you can give to another human being and it´s a great gift to yourself aswell, makes life so much better doesnt it.

To much work, to much online time, to much has to, and to little family time, adult time, spare time, to little relaxed and happy minds, japan realy has gone astray, a long, long way from the zen like minds of old.

playstation 3.march 23

The waiting game is almost over and yes, we got confirmation last week that we´ll get our playstation 3 console on the launch day or even a day earlier since we ordered it by postal last august.

Some official news regarding the european launch is that on launch day we´ll get the 1.6 update, which will feature amongst others.

increased number of playstation 2 backwards compatible games (which will continue to improve) it´s already above 50% of all the ps2 games that´s ever been released in europe.

Able to use psp remotecontrol over the internet to stream movies, music and such from your ps3 and not just localy.

folding@home will be included, which is a great way to help the world be a better place.

being able to download content in the background while using your playstation 3 for other things.

More demo´s of top games and other new functions.

link to the source of this newspost, in Swedish

folding @ home´s faq for playstation 3 owners

Karol.Krizan.Modo Hockey

Karol Krizan, my old neighbour and Modo hockeys top goalie had a 95.83 save percentage last night, best of all 4 remaining quarterfinal goalies that played last night.

That´s how you play it, up the ante when you best need it!
Btw, i do have to give some kudos to both timra and modo, they have had the two best goalies in the entire quarterfinal series and the two best teams and i´ve said it earlier, the team that wins this quarterfinal will take 2007 sm gold.

Now that we´ve won, i wont say sm guld, sm guld, sm guld as we say in Swedish, but i´ll say that we will atleast reach the sm final and i guess our oponent like so many times before will be farjestad... (god damn how i hate that team, which strikingly most modo fans do).

ModoHockey.fy fan vad vi e bra!

Hell Yeah! :)

4-3 in games and Modo´s entered the semifinals, phew..
It was tight and we, modo´s suporters and fans has been to hell and back and now that we won i can say that i understand the feelings and sadness of timras fans, but they are and has always been our littlebrother, no way around that pure and simple fact.

And as we have sung, several times "that´s what happens when we crush our littlebrother" or as it sounds in swedish, "så går det till när vi krossar lillebror!".

Now i would like to go out on a limb and say that timra and modo has both been Swedens best ice hockey teams in the quarterfinals, and timra was as good as they were when they held the nr.1 position in elitserien for several weeks earlier this year, only thing was, Modo was even better.

In the end of the day, the victory was well deserved but it was tight and timra stood up like a man, smaller, and weaker, but still they stood up :).

As to the game, Modo hockey vs Timra has been the media pet fav, it´s been the most exciting games and the tightest and hardest, i think Modo has 6 players in the top ten penalty board... And let me tell you, the entire hockey team of modo screamed and roared in the lockeroom before the sudden death period and the audience... well we were totally, and i mean, totally gung ho.

We even made the team come out again after the victory in their underwear, that´s how mad we were.

Oh, btw, taking two sudden death victories over timra in a quarterfinal series, now that is pure strenght and will and now, well we´re anxious to get the ball running on wednesday against our semifinal opponent hv71, after attending 5 out of 7 quarterfinal games live we´re for sure going to be there.

bring it on hv!

Per svartvadet strikes again(sudden death victory in game 7)

Harald lückner, grin of pure joy, Modo hockeys coach

Semifinal, the war is about to start, Modo hockey´s blatny vs Hv71´s Jamtin

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Japan. console sales

The past week Gundam musou became the second playstation 3 game to top the charts in Japan since it´s launch in Nov 2006.

And as far as console sales goes here´s the latest numbers for the big players in japan.

PlayStation 3 increased it´s hardware sales with more then 100 per cent to 44,000 units, so ps3 and sony looks to be on a healthy road to a bigger and bigger userbase.

Nintendo's DS sold 111.926 units sold, which is the nr.1 position
PSP 66.156 units which gives it a nr.2 spot
Wii shifting 57.972 units.
And playstation 3 on fourth place with 44.000 units

Xbox 360 sold 3,379 units and thus keeps declining
GBA 1,568 units and GameCube landed on 303 units.

No idea how many units ps2 sold tho but im sure that was quite alot since it´s still holding it´s own.

new psp on the way

SCE UK managing director Ray Maguire was recently qouted as saying that a reworked, smaller and slimmer psp is going to happen, question is not if, it´s when.

ps3.Home 500mb dl

Initialy Home will be available through the playstation network and the initial download will be below 500mb, updates with new content and features will be released periodicly.

And if you´ve missed it, Home will be free of charge for playstation 3 users.
Gamesindustry knows more

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Adobe.Photoshop cs3.Extended

Sweet.. and interesting.. and a must have, that pretty much sums up the latest photoshop adition to adobes product lineup, and you know what, for me this realy is a must have, now that i´ve seen the feature list there´s no way i´ll put down money on another photoshop version.

With Photoshop CS3 Extended, film, video and multimedia professionals, and graphic and web designers can leverage the power of the Photoshop image-editing toolset and paint engine when editing 3D and motion-based content. Film and video specialists can perform 3-D model visualization and texture editing, paint and clone over multiple video frames. Animators can now render and incorporate rich 3-D content into their 2-D compositions. Graphic and web designers can create an animation from a series of images - such as time series data - and export it to a wide variety of formats, including QuickTime, MPEG-4 and Adobe Flash® Video

pressrelease by adobe

infopage.photoshop cs3

HDphoto.a new image standard

Microsoft recently announced HDphoto, a new image standard for better quality and the promise of even better compression then jpg and microsoft is about to release free plugins for adobes flagship products photoshop cs 2 and 3 for both pc and mac.

Im all for development as far as the new standard wont mock anything up and hopefully it´s as good as advertised, wont hurt being able to go hq on the web with lower filesizes, but as far as how the penetration rate of this new image format will be is a completely different story.

microsoft pressrelease

the official swedish playstation 3 blogg

Monday, March 12, 2007

google.cell phone?

Who know´s, even if true, it´s so far only a survey design but it atleast on the surface looks pretty decent.

big big image of the google cellphone

Sylvester Stallone. Procecuted

And caught one might add, hard to get procecuted otherwise you might think, well in todays world you can get procecuted in court, or in the media so it isnt realy a must need to be caught doing something bad.

But aparently Sly has been a naughty boy,he´s been caught with hgh, human growth hormone, this particular one is called Jintropin and they found 48 cans of it on Stallones private plane.

A shame realy in my humble opinion, not that im surprised, doesnt seem to be uncommon in the world of hollywood but still a shame since the movie was already done, so why keep on using.

Granted it´s alot better that he´s using something that gives him a higher sexdrive, less fat and more muscles then shooting up cocaine and shit in his nose like the rest of the stars do, but still it´s illegal so therefore it´s still a shame to see him acting so stupidly, especialy since you get alot out of just training hard at his age and with the amount of years spent on the gym he shoudnt have that hard keeping up.

Anyway, stupidity leak sly, shame on ya that´s all i can say!


Yep, the topic aint gona get much prettier then that....
God damn, losing a quarterfinal game the way we did last night vs timra, that just plain sucks, and realy, realy messes up your day and my pretty gf´s even more upset.

A well, it´s just a game, but still, Modo hockey gives Timra IK two oportunitys to score in the first period and they take both, not to mention through alot of luck, and that´s the only two chances timra gets in the entire game and they still manages to get away with a 2-1 victory and that´s what gets me.

It´s a quarterfinal game for gods sake.. Modo had so many chances to tie the game and during long periods of the game you could have labeled it a one team hockey game, but granted, timra ik played smart, they shut down, had a goalie on fire, and 5 man between the puck and their own net, but boy, did they look exhausted towards the end of the game.

As for now, it´s going to be a big do or die situation come wednesday.
Modo hockey lost justin morrison due to injuries last night and Niclas sundstrom is ill, playes last night tho, and Modo cant afford to go back to timra on friday with a 2-3 situation, they need to win on wednesday having a 3-2 favor in games when they enter the e.on arena on friday, and you know what, they´ll do just that.

Come Wednesday and Modo hockey will push and pull and smack timra in the middle of the face and take a big and important KO.

Hockey at it´s best people, it´s been 4 damn exciting games and we´ve seen 3 of em live and one on tv, wednesday is one more live showdown going down at Swedbank arena!

what´s in the box

What´s in the box, adobe promo webby

well i for one is realy looking forward to this release, the new integration (the promise of it atleasT) between the traditional adobe and mm products is bound to take new and interesting turns and the changes in photoshop cs3 is realy neat,and i cant wait to see how flash will integrate with the rest of the products.

what´s in the box, youtube video ad

Ufo crawler. xfiles for real on the www

Ibm and the anomalies network powered search engine

As the link suggests this newly released search engine is powered by IBM and it´s created by IBM and the anomalies network.

It´s intent and purpose is quite obvious by just reading it´s name, it´s all about xfiles, in real life that is.

We, the world that is, now have a dedicated search engine for everything ufo, things, beasts and the unexplainable related stuff.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Modo Hockey. the day after

The day after, or as in our case, two days after we roared,screamed and outdid timras cheering fans, every modoit is now regrouping and reshaping for tonights battle :)

And, you know it, we, the fans are damn proud, every report from people that settled with watching saturdays away game on tv or radio came down to one thing, we outdid all the timra fans, and for most of the game, you could only hear the loudmouthed modo fans, cheering and roaring, not to mention that the players almost acted like in shock of how much noise we were making, you could see them over and over again during the game looking at us.

Anyway, great fun, that´s what it was, and what a game by Modo hockey, 5 periods... and i´ll tell ya, we were hurting, the players were hurting and then we won, and rightfully so, Modo were the better team, but it was a close and very tight game, like the first two, except for the first period which were realy Modos.

But one lucky goal was all it took to bring timra back in the game, and the rest of that days 4 remaining periods were as tight as it can get..

A well, if you can read Swedish, here´s a day after report directly from Modo hockey.

the day after

game3.0 impact by sony

True or not, Sony calls it game3.0, catchy to say the least and of course blends well with it´s newly in usa and japan released playstation 3 console.

We´re still a few days off here in Europe, but the wait doesnt feel that hard anymore, 11 days to go and the waiting game more or less feels realy good for us euros, as it always does.

Sure thing we do complain on every playstation launch that you´re getting it earlier in north america and japan, but come day one of the euro launch and we´re all happy. Not just because we´re finaly getting our playstation 3 console and previously 1 and 2 aswell, but also because all the issues facing you americans and japanese playstation owners more or less turns up being a no show here in europe.

So in conclusion, we´re pretty happy that you guys are always beta testing the new console for us.

Not to mention that we always gets alot more and better launch games to play with :)

Anyway, this post was actually about game3.0

But since i´ve dabbled around about alot of other things you´ll have to read up on playstation 3´s home,which i find a realy nice idea once again from sony and it´s playstation divisions with alot of industry and end user impact, and other things that mark the dawn of game3.0 on the following link´s.

gamespy, game 3.0 article

Modo Hockey.blogg and webb

Modo hockey.2007 blogg

3 games into the playoff so i´ll dedicate this post to Modo Hockey, Modo´s one game ahead of timra right now and thus has a 2-1 lead after 3 exciting playoffgames.

We´ve been in place during game 2 and 3 and enjoyed game 1 on the tv, game 3 was in timra so we joined the fan club buss and what a blast it was, great fun and yep, our throat realy hurts after screaming our ass of for two straight games.

And of course, we´ll be in place, watching game four in swedbank arena. swedens finest ice hockey arena, our hopes are that modo will take two straight games, making it 4-1 in games and thus advance to the semifinals, and with two straight home games it doesnt look impossible at all.

anyway, more reports later on from the match series that´s been dubbed the vasternorrland war and considerd the tightest of all the quarterfinals.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Swedbank arena, Swedens finest

Test after test reveals the simple truth.

Swedbank arena in Ornskoldsvik, or if you prefer foppa land, is simply put Swedens finest ice hockey arena, there´s no denying, there´s no way to avoid it, it´s just how it is and we´re damn proud of it.

The one single - is the old jumbotron that modo´s still using, but that will change of course and hopefully during this summer after we´ve won the playoff´s and our second sm gold ever!

What i would like to see is 100" lcd tv´s and alot of em hanging in the air showing all the usual info and real time replays and highlights from the other games, why use those pesky looking trons when we could whip up a seven or eight of bigger then life lcd sets instead and get alot better res and public information, would look alot better aswell.

Oh, one more thing if you´re wondering, test after test also reveals that Modo hockey has Swedens most one eyed fans and we for sure know how to make alot of noise, be proud modo fans and if you´ve goten tired of watching nhl games were you can hardly hear the audience, come on over to Europe,Sweden and make sure to visit Swedbank arena in ovik and catch a live Modo hockey game, you wont regret it, ice hockey atmosphere at it´s best.

Swedbank arena test, 27+

Riku hahl wont play against Modo

And i cant say im feeling sorry about that, and neither does my girlfriend.

But im sure alot of Timra fans do, he´s aparently hurting to much in his wrists and he´s just lacking to much strenght in his hands to make justice for himself so there it is and timra will have to do without him for the rest of the season :) if timra would make it to the semifinals there´s a chance he could play but that wont happen since Modo will kick em out of the playoffs! :P

90 seconds

that´s all it took to sell out e.on arena for tonights playoff game between timra and modo hockey!

fastest sold out in Sweden so far and we´ll be cheering for Modo hockey!

Monday, March 5, 2007

half a man, Lin peng

Impressive is the foreword and the will of man never stops to surprise and impress.

Lin Peng lost his entire lowerbody after being hit by a truck, but he´s still alive and kicking, stronger then ever, impressive doesnt quite cover it.

image of Lin pen

2007.postcards from reality, wip website

just a wip

Nothing much to see yet, there´s zero and i do mean zero optimizations going on so far, havent even implemented any eola fixes so you´ll get the annoying activex warning if you´re using ie7, and there´s no content to speak of, actually there´s nada content as of now :)

But the framework and main design is there and im real happy with it, it´s a very, very designed yet clean site and quite unique in it´s feel and atmosphere, atleast a rare one, yet as always the quality is top notch.

It´s a 100% flashsite, around 300kb in total as of today, anyway just felt to share what little there is right now since i realy enjoy the graphical identity of it.

a rouch estimation of the tools i´ve used so far:

around 90% of what you see is made in 3d, the remaining percentage would be 9% photoshop and a tiny, tiny 1% photography, give or take a few% here and there but that´s more or less how i made the graphics so far.


modo hockey vs Timra.Elitserien

Swedish Elitserien playoff´s starting today and what a feast we´re about to see and experience!

We´re going to see tonights game on tv since Modo is playing in timra´s e.on arena but we have tickets to Thursday and Mondays game, both games will take place in Swedbank arena in Ornskoldsvik! Wooo, cant wait :)

And we´re going to Timra on Saturday to see game nr.3 in E.on arena, So we´ll get to see 3 out of the first 4 games LIVE! and tonights game on tv.

Great way to celebrate that the playoffs are kicking into gear tonight, woudnt you say and once Modo´s reached the semifinals we´ll of course catch a few of those live aswell.

Let the game´s begin, all hail the victor or whatever you feel like :)

drivelock using fbi suspect sues Microsoft

Catching topic aint it.

Well anyway, a Us citizen arrested on firearms charges has decided to sue Microsoft for 200.000 us$ since FBI was able to bypass his drivelock protection and catch the mans internet history and homemade porn movies showing of him and his girlfriend in all it´s glories naked nature, granted they could have been using clothes while having kinky sex, but naked sounded better :)

Usa only, being arrested by fbi on firearms charges and then suing microsoft for not protecting his privacy, he´s currently residing in a Connecticut jail awaiting trial for selling illegally modified firearms and possessing bomb-making equipment.

I´ll give him credit for being embarased that the fbi got to see him do his girlfriend or if it was the other way around, but please...

besides, drivelock isnt even a microsoft application

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Modo Hockey.elitserien Sweden

God damn !!!, what a crappy game we witnessed last night, sure thing.
We all know Modo and the other top3 teams arent playing, they are focused, body and soul on whats to come next week, but still, people can expect and should expect players and team to atleast be present on the ice.

Instead we got to see what looked like a group of hmm.. well let´s just say they looked like they´ve stopped working and joined the golf swinging elderly club.

Im not realy surprised or upset, it was just sad to see, and a waste of time and money.

After joining my gf at her job and then walking in the great, dark winter evening to her old folks which we decided to visit to see the game instead of going straight home to our own place we realized it would have been alot more fun going home and spend the evening doing something else then watching the ice hockey game between modo and mora :)

So please Modo, dont waste our time on Friday aswell, atleast make a fight out of it.

But anyway, we´re still looking forward ´til next week and we´ll for sure watch every playoff game Live in swedbank arena.

habbo. closed by night

youth centered community site habbo have gone from being under heavy pressure to doing their best to clean up their act, and it´s now even tucking in it´s members and saying, good night, sleep tight and dont let the bedbugs bite.. Or something like it.

They close down during 01.00 ´til 07.00 during the night.

Well, actually i like it, it´s a neat idea since their target group is kids around 11 and 15, however, realy.. If a 11 year old is up in the middle of the night, online it´s not the website doing anything wrong, it´s the parents.

Sure kids, should be kids and they are wild and crazy, i know, i remember how i was, but in the middle of the week, kids should sleep and that´s up to the parents.

With that said tho, it´s a cute marketing move and i think they should be commended for that since it´s also one that makes sense.

free server based adobe photoshop version

yep it´s true, adobe will release a completely free of charge online version of adobe photoshop.

all according to adobe´s ceo Bruce Chizen

"We recognize there is a customer there--we recognize they are not going to pay us, necessarily, directly. But we could use ad revenue as a model. Google has demonstrated that it works pretty well for certain types of applications,"

other adobe applications will follow later on but no, it wont be fully fledged versions it´s all about entry level applications (think v6 easel vs v6infinite)

great news nevertheless in my humble opinion