Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warhawk, broken arrow + new vehicle

We´re not just getting 1.3 in a not to distant future and a new map with the new expansion entitled, broken arrow, we´re also going to recieve a new vehicle.

This time it´s the soldiers getting beefed up royalo, first 1.3 will bring wrenches and other enhancements to the ground troops and then once broken arrow arrives with it´s new map it will also reveal a new apc vehicle, the new apc is a ground vehicle, armored personal carrier, and as the name suggests it´s capable of taking on 6 ground troops, allowing them to shoot while being protected.

The apc is heavily armoured in warhawk and will smash through other vehicles, with the one exception being the tank, it will also allow players to spawn inside of it! and even get a random weapon.

Wow, talk about changing tactics in this fast paced game that is warhawk.
Well it looks like the best online multiplayer game will just get better, cant wait for this to hit.

ign knows even more

Warhawk rocking home

Aparently Warhawk wont just let you launch a session from within home and chat with your warhawk friends, it will enable a virtual sandbox of warhawk´s levels, letting you and 7 others chat up and in real time move around troops over the "true to life" properly scaled warhawk room to create proper tactics.

Great stuff and well, this is something that will elevate clan warfare in warhawk and soon you´ll hear gamers all over the world pestering their game dev´s to implement such a feature, but warhawk was first with it, great move and a feature the e game sports world will pure and simply love.

Kotaku showing some warhawk love

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vue render settings explained

Cortesy of Peggy walters from cornucopia3d here´s a pdf document going over vue´s render settings, what they mean and how they affect your render, a nice read for sure.

Peggy walters, vue render settings

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Elitserien efter jul

Om man för att roa sig själv tar en titt på elitserien efter jul så ser man att Modo hockey inte bara slåss om en top 4 placering och framförallt en andra plats efter hv71, Modo hockey är faktiskt ohotad 1:a i elitserien efter jul.

På 16 matcher har det blivit hela 36 poäng och på andra plats hittar man Hv71 på 29 poäng, Färjestad är trea med 26 poäng, än mer intressant är faktiskt att Modo hockeyy även har elitseriens bästa målskillnad efter jul.

Läsare med gott minne kan därmed dra paraleller till tidigare Modo säsonger med Harald Lückner där laget varit som bäst perioden efter jul och om man skall vara helt ärlig är det ju perioden efter jul som är viktigast.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Warhawk 1.3 details + new dlc

Major updates for ground troops and tight integration with home and improvements to communication and servers, + the new dlc, broken mirror isnt to far off, end of march is the current date being tossed around for broken mirror, which looks to be set in a snow covered map.

Btw, did you know that we the people playing warhawk has played more then 7.3 million hours on the official servers since warhawk launched last autum, great numbers and quite telling to how popular warhawk is and why there´s always a ton of people playing it online.

1. weapon 1, the field mechanic wrench, it´s both a tool to repair friendly vehicles (great stuff) but it´s also a one hit kill weapon against other ground troops, just like the knife, but even better it can destroy enemy vehicles, just swing away baby :).

2. bio field generator, just like the wrench its a doublesided sword, a: it will heal groundtroops, just tos it like a mine and then make sure you stand inside of it´s field of range, but if you´re a enemy soldier, well the oposite happens, your health get drained damned fast.

Great tweaks to further enhance gameply and teamplay, which warhawk btw already has alot more of then most online shooters we´ve ever played.

More tweaks are improvements to voip, which we dont realy care for when it comes to casual gaming, it´s more annoying then good, but for clan wars, well then it´s a very welcome improvement.

A very welcome tweak tho is that you can now mute players that dont understand the concept of maturity.

Read more in the official playstation blog post

Monday, February 11, 2008

Blu-ray: I am legend details

Warner Home Video has revealed the specifications and extra features for the Blu-ray release of 'I Am Legend', which is set to be released March 18th.

The disc will contain two versions of the film - the theatrical cut and an alternate theatrical version with a controversial alternate ending.
Video´s in 2.40:1 1080p VC-1 and features a 5.1 Dolby TrueHD soundtrack.

Extras include the Blu-ray exclusive "Creating I Am Legend Minidocumentary Gallery" and "Cautionary Tale: The Science of I Am Legend", both in high definition, also included will be the four animated comics 'Death As A Gift', 'Isolation', 'Sacrificing the Few for the Many' and 'Shelter', all presented exclusively in high definition on the Blu-ray release.

Netflix has gone blu-ray only

The popular online video rental service Netflix has announced that they have decided to support Blu-ray exclusively for high definition movie rentals.

Netflix will no longer purchase movies in the rival HD DVD format, and once the life cycle for those discs has ended, they will no longer stock the format for rent.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Attila the hun - Creative process

Very impressive work behind the soon to be aired attila the hun feature, courtesy of BBC and the Discovery channel.

The most impressive thing tho is that it was virtualy a one man creation, which is realy hard to believe when seeing the preview clip over at fxguide.

A must see if you´re into cgi and movies, digital design, 3d, fx, games and so forth.