Thursday, May 24, 2007 server in action

Youtube video, showing how it looks streaming video,music and images from your dlna enabled devices from your ps3, smooth as cake is the short answer :)

ps3. downloaded and installed(firmware 1.80)

And, yes, the latest playstaion 3 firmware realy do deliver on the goods.
Excellent upscaling of both ps2,ps1 and dvd´s and a bunch of new settings in the ps3 menu, i guess some of the new menu settings could have been sneaked in alongside one of the previous updates, but if so i´ve managed to miss em.

Anyway, the new settings allows you not just to enable upscaling for dvd´s,ps2 and ps1 games + you can tell your ps3 to smooth out your ps2 and ps1 games which most likely will benefit people with sdtv´s the most, but also use a much higher color quality in general and tweak a bunch of other image quality related settings, kudos for that sony.

And yeap, you do notice a difference in image quality, even inside of the general ps3 menu, but i guess that could be depending on the quality of your tv aswell, and i doubt people without a proper hdtv and hdmi will notice any change in color quality, but we did, and that was a nice surprise.

Whats more, well the browser,psn store text cursor is now green and bigger :) lol, well it´s actually an improvement since it´s now, far easier to actually see your cursor.

Also, the new search for a media server feature is damn neat and realy makes your shiny ps3 the cornerstone of your modern households media entertainment, it´s a snap to stream music and video and images from any dnla enabled device.

Excellent improvement if you ask me, and if your dnla device can connect to the world wide web, well then you can stream internet radio to your ps3!

Things like being enabled to remove your dvd player, not having to purchase a bd player move away those ps2´s, skip the cables, and remove your radio,reciever is just so smooth and makes your ps3 just so much prettier :)

great update!

edit: aparantly the 1.80 update also made it possible to play your bd.ray movies in 720p so that will make everyone on hdtv´s without 1080p resolution real happy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ps3. the 1.80 update is available as of now

yep, just fire up your ps3 and hit that system update icon

youtube.a day in the wild

Animal planet is a great tv channel and here´s a real life clip that could have been directly from one of it´s safari shows covering the swamp lion flock.

A group of lion encounters a hord of buffalos and takes down one of the youngsters only to have to battle it out with a croc before the buffalos strike back and rescues the little one.

It was aparently filmed by a group of tourists during a safari.
Great and emotional clip, however i realy cant see how the poor buffalo would survive that encounter, i hope im wrong but im pretty sure he died in a few days due to his wounds, but, granted the buffalo is one of the tough ones and seeing them waging war with the lions aint surprising considering how buffalos and lions actually hunt each other(buffalos tend to raid lion nests and kill their young ones whenever possible, and lions of course eats as many buffalos as possible).

Heres the youtube clip

ps3.1080p Upscaling for DVD and ps1 and 2 games

Yep it´s here, and most of the very few real flaws of the playstation 3 has now and officialy been removed.

Your playstation 3 will now scale up your good ol dvd´s,playstation one and ps2 games to 1080p resolution and it will now even allow you to connect directly to your laptop,desktop rig to stream music and movies and images directly from it.

It´s been previously possible to download movies and music from your pc to your ps3, but only through workarounds like red kawa´s file server and the ps3 video 9 converter tool, but it´s now officialy endorsed to access your pc from your ps3 and stream your movies so you wont even have to download em.

great news! and even better, the update will be available tomorrow :)

ign news post


and finaly

gaming age

ps3.backwards compability website

Nothing new under the sun, but perhaps a few of you doesnt even know about it, i know i didnt until i happened to stumble upon it, granted that could be because as good as the playstation 3 is, as crappy is the official playstation 3 website(s) from sony and it´s different regional offices, which more or less makes you not wasting time visiting them.

But aparantly there´s some usefull information being posted on them, so here´s the direct link to the bc website, which besides the psn store is the only official playstation 3 website from sony that you need to visit.

european ps3 backwards compability website

Ps. speaking of the european psn store, today marks the end of the special introductory price of most of the games that´s been released in europes psn store, makes you atleast hope that the first major update (that we can actually see that is) is on due for this weeks friday.

Monday, May 21, 2007 fantasy versus XIII

Have to say that this game is shaping up quite nicely, wasnt at all interested in the versus edition of the final fantasy 13 world at first, it was for me all about the traditional final fantasy XIII game, but as time grows by and more and more information get´s leaked from the developers the versus edition is starting to feel genuinly interesting.

Hearing Squares lead creative artist,director talking about a bleaker world, darker and more set in todays reality makes me go yummy :)

So as of now, it looks like i´ll be having to purchase two final fantasy 13 games for our playstation 3.

FF versus XIII intro seequence

plaza york

Plaza hotel, which was sold in 2004 has reportedly sold it´s most expensive apartment so far for 50 million us$, quite a nice pricetag for an apartment.

And with hundreds of apartment left the new owner seems to be set to make quite a nice profit.

Plaze is reported to have 182 private apartments with up to five bedrooms, and the building also have 150 room and suites that the owners can rent up to 120 days per year, not to mention the 130 rooms that will be available for day to day rent.

Source is the new york observer.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

ps3.multiple motorstorm update

we´ll get our first motorstorm update here in europe this month and the second one which we could lable as a content pack as early as june with more to follow in the comming 12 month cycle.

and yeah, updates are neat, so no need to complain :) on demand

before the end of the year, good and expected news.

"According to Reeves, full-length movies, music and TV programmes will all be available for download, direct to both the PS3 and PSP, although he gave no indication of exactly what would be available at launch or indeed the pricing structure. Reeves added, "It will not be in all of our PAL territories but it will be in the major territories."
end qoute

ign has the scoop

Thursday, May 17, 2007

stoned to death in public..

One more sad milestone for humanity.
17 year old Du’a Khalil Aswad was stoned to death by 9 men right out in the open in front of hundreds of people, not a single person stepped in to save her.

Sadly alot of people filmed the murder with their cellphones, yeah that´s civil curage.... her only crime was falling in love with the wrong guy.

To think that hundreds of people stood there, some even cheering during the 30 minutes she was slowly stoned ´til death is just so pathetic and tragic, i guess it´s life´s irony that the only good thing to come out of it was that some of the cowards did put up the footage on the web, and that way the worldwide pressure for democracy in iraq might someday prevail when it comes to inhuman traditions like this.

Swedish article in honor of Du’a Khalil Aswad´s memory

Budhia sing. 500km one way sprint

Budhia sing, the 5 year old indier that caused a worldwide slur one year ago when tv filmed his inhuman childhood.

The entire world could see how Budhia was forced to run roughly 65 km without drinking water in a blistering hot summerday in india, no more then 4 years old, and now he´s coach is back.

later this year, Budhia will travel, by foot of course, 500km straight through india, from Bhubaneswar in the east to calcutta in the western parts of India.

Well being athletic is all good, in fact i´ve trained on a pretty high level myself more or less my entire adult life, and during my childhood i played ice hockey, soccer and practiced martial arts all year round.

But that was all for fun, i loved being active and that´s nothing but good for ya as long as it´s on your own terms, but this is nothing but insane.

Having a 5 year old doing things like this and what we could see on last years documentary will damage him for life, one way or another.

sad life and a sad story seeing how India just lets his coach get away with it.

Swedish article

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Modo hockey. new gear for next season

The new shirts for our home games.

The new ones for the roadtrips.....

last seasons home games, best one´s so far..

last seasons roadtrip.

oh my god, i cant believe how awful looking the new shirts are looking compared to the now holy 2006.2007 set.. :)

Anyway, i´m relieved to see that we wont have to purchase the new ones because none of us like em at all, but of course they´ll grow on us and how the new shirts look aint important, it´s how modo plays that makes us love em, but oh my, how i wish they would have kept the 2006.07 set for one more season...

vuetools. new modelling toolset for vue6

recently released upon the vue community is chipp´s brand new vuetools, a pretty good looking featureset that makes use of vue6´s python implementation to offer it´s users a few more robust and to the point working modelling tools.

low pricetag and a decent toolset make´s it worth it´s price if you´re a heavy vue user, but it´s of course not going to replace your 3d modelling apps in your pipeline, but it for sure gives vue a few more tricks up it´s sleave and will only strenghten it´s own rightfull place in your production pipeline.

altuit´s vuetools website

console price comparision.1976-2007

Nothing much to say about that since it´s pretty to the point all by itself and everyone´s free to contemplent over the chart.

My personal reflection is that current consoles aint that expensive at all, comparing the relative price and then weighing in the different hardware and software features of each console and well to me that put´s both the ps3 and xbox 360 in a very favorably position and especialy the ps3 comes off as more then worth it´s price if you factor in it´s media center capability.

Which of course is a moot point if all you´re going to do is play games, but even then both consoles aint that pricy.

And of course, prices will continue to fall aswell and in the end, the loss that both microsoft and sony is making on their consoledivisions right now will as always be turned into a profit since launching a console is about longevity and it´s entire lifespan, as it always has been but usualy forgotten by "media" every single time a console launch happens.

image based price chart

ps3.memory footprint

The playstation 3´s memory footprint keeps decreasing through each firmware update, good news both for it´s users and it´s developers and since the 2.0 firmware has been leaked or atleast has alot of rumours flying around it shouldnt be to far away so let´s hope sony is once again not just adding new features but also keeps on improving on the behind the scenes stuff.

safe and secure relationships and sex

In a recent article here in Sweden 49% of the Swedish citizens voted that a safe and secure relationship would kill the suspense and excitement with sex..

Now, for me, this is arguably a showcase as to why alot of relationships looks the way they do, for me it´s the other way around.
Sure it is exciting getting to know each other, but please..

A healthy relationship isnt boring and a good sexlife can be great from the get go, our´s was, but a great sexlife can still improve and mature, and that´s how it is for us and how i think it should be for everyone, granted that´s not the case, but to see that 49% think´s that knowing that you´r secure with your partner will kill the excitement is.. plain sad.

Shoudnt people explore each other, get to know how to please each other and improve upon it, learning knew ways, having fun and so forth, and if you can do that with a person that you know will stick around and a person you´re safe with, that should be exciting and fun, leaving room for alot more "fun" and exploration :).

Anyway, the article covered the fact that almost half of the female population (according to a german study) over the age of 30 lost interest in sex (with their partner) after a few years if they felt secure with him, because to that group of females, sex was all about bonding your male partner to yourself, once they felt that was accomplished they lost their sexual drive, which of course the males didnt.

Guess that

a: explains why more or less 40-50% of both males and females are cheating on each other.

and b: why alot of relationships seems to be more dead then alive.

The good part of the article was that 51% felt the other way around and i guess it´s in that part of the population we can see alittle hope for humanity :)

To sum it up, losing interest in doing my partner, well that would be just sad, not that a persons sexual drive wont go up and down, it will and it does for everyone, but losing interest and the excitement with doing each other, that´s just sad and a sure way of making sure either one or both partners in the relationship will end up playing with someone else.

And no, i do not support cheating, never have and i never will, it´s just not my cup of tea and if it isnt your´s, keep in mind that you have to work for it to keep having a great sex life just as you have to when it comes to love.

Not to mention that regardless of how we look at it, sex and love are closely tied to each other in most relationships and most peoples lives and minds regardless of what they say.

In the end of the day, in most cases if you stop enjoying sex with your partner, trouble is bound to happen, sooner or later(not that there arent exceptions of course).

killing the suspense and fun or not

spiderman 3.the movie, not the game

We caught it on the cinema last week with a female friend of ours but i have to say that we were alittle disapointed all three.

Sure it was wellmade, the story were alot more adult(which is usualy a good thing in our book), the fx was on target, catchy script and a cast that worked as is.

But for some reason the movie wasnt what we have come to expect seeing the first two spiderman films, i dont know, i think the movie missed it´s own legacy or something, But who cares,it´s a decent, wellmade movie that´s worth to see on dvd slash blue-ray, but it´s realy not worth it seeing it on the big screen.

Atleast in our humble opinion :)

vue6 of charge

one of the talented vue6 merchants decided to release a bunch of new vue6 materials free of charge so here you go if you happen to be a happy owner of this (vue6) soon to become a industry standard 3d landscape and scenery application.

Have to say im surprised but happy to see how quickly the media world has adapted vue to it´s pipeline, each month you´ll see more and more studios picking up vue, looking for talented vue users for both movie,stills,ad´s and website projects making use of vue.

the willow grove, free vue6 materials

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

NY Times: Ornskoldsvik spits out nhl stars

Ny times tried to cover the swedish wonder, also known as Ovik,modo hockeys hometown, just as so many other´s have tried before them, but no one has of course been capable of hitting the head on the nail.

simply put, because there´s not a single nail to find, there´s alot of reasons why modo hockey churns out so many top performing ice hockey players and nhl players.

But anyway, it´s nice to see ovik and modo and swedish ice hockey players mentioned in ny times, even tho i think they´ve seriously missed the beauty of our belowed hometown.

Ny times covers modo hockey