Wednesday, April 25, 2007

folding@home pt2. new update

folding@home for the playstation 3 has been updated and version 1.1 is now available.
if you´re contemplating that this is just a gimick for sony, think again, the amount of computing power for folding at home has more then doubled since the arrival of the ps3 and the 200k ps3 users helping out is generating more then 400 terraflop of computational power, more then double the amount of pc´s are doing, and yes the amount of pc´s are alot higher then the amount of ps3´s.

kudos to folding and sony and everyone helping out making the world a better place with their ps3.

ps. you´ll have to restart folding to install the update.

Japan.slaughtering dolphins

Nothing new under the sun in other words, but it´s sad and pathetic.
The only good thing about it this time around is that it´s been caught on tape, so you, the world, can now witness it on images and even video.

Which of course and thankfully has made people openly cast their vote against this sad tradition.

This is as wrong as slaughtering monkeys,tigers,wolfs,seals and wales and as such should be condemned, the world needs more animals, not less.

Ah no, im not against eating meat, we love meat and yes i do think it´s perfectly fine killing domestic animals to get meat, but we should care for the few wild ones we have left, and btw killing and torturing aint the same thing regardless of it being a domestic or wild animal.

video, disturbing fotage if you´re sensitive


still images of the "red" sea + an article in swedish

ps3. calling all cars

Is a neat, fun looking game, and one we´ll purchase as soon as it hits the psn store.
Have to confess to one thing, downloadable light games have realy been a blast, low, low prices and that childhood like enjoyment, psn has truly been a nice ps3 feature and as of now, we´re actually looking forward to cac then any of the blue.ray powered full price games that will be out this spring.

Motorstorm is great, but we have that one, and so is virtua fighter 5, sudoku is another great psn game, easily worth it´s low price tag, and now we´re waiting for one more psn game and not a full price one.

calling all cars,preview

Ubuntu and ps3

Theres a new Ubuntu linux dist out there and apparently it gets along just fine with our ps3 and you can even play blueray,hd dvd movies with your ps3 while using your linux install.

Making ps3 a more then affordable htc for those of you that isnt satisfied with what the ps3 already brings to the table in that area, not to mention that as linux.ps3 evolves it will become smoother and smoother sitting in front of the tv and fixing your openoffice document :)

Anyway, im myself enjoying watching heroes on our ps3(havent installed linux),hdtv system, a quick convert on the pc is all that´s required, which then dumps the files on our fileserver so we can access them from our ps3(all wireless mind you), far better then watching heroes on the pc (the series just started airing in Sweden so we´re watching the usa episodes atm since it´s to good to sit and wait for a week for the next episode :), but mind you, we of course see them when they air on tv aswell, it´s nice to see them with swedish subs, and the serie is good enough to watch twice)

ubuntu speaks up on blue ray,hd dvd

Planet 581 c, our second homeplanet?

Well in a not to far away future it might very well be since according to scientists it´s a near perfect duplicate of the earth and it´s forgiving atmosphere.

Now this is cool news, sure i´ll never see the day when mankind walks on planet 581 c, but it´s fun,cool and exciting to know that we´ve finaly found a planet that actually, more or less mirrors the one we live on.

It´s located around a red star named, Gliese 581, a mere 20.5 lightyears away :)... and the average temperature´s between 0 to 40 celsius.

Swedish article

ps. if anyone stumbles upon more articles, let us know

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bd vs hd dvd. frontline update

well blue-ray has been on a roll for a long time now and it´s just not stopping.

latest numbers shows that bd is selling 2.3x more then hd-dvd is doing and aparently the numbers keep on growing.

and that´s just us of a, here in europe things is even better for the blue ray camp.

us sales figures

modo hockey and peter oberg. one more year

mm Modo signed a new contract with peter.o for atleast one more season.
Let´s hope he recovers just fine from his shoulder injury because he for sure packs an impact when not being injured.

read more in swedish

ps3. getting video from your pc to ps3

Not as simple as one might believe, but not so hard either, actually it´s a walk in the park once you´ve done it the first time.

first of all, get a wireless network in your household if you dont have one, makes things so much easier for you and your family.

netgear´s a pretty neat brand, which we use and make sure to get the .n products.
Best bang for the bucks.

so, from me to you.
1. get a router (.n rangemax will do the trick), pluck it into your adsl modem and install it on your pc.

2. get a wireless adapter for your pc, unless it has built in .n wifi support, most lap and desktops with wifi support only covers b and g.

3. once the pc and router is up and running, change your ps3 network settings.
and yep, you´re right our beloved ps3 only supports g and not .n but paying up for good quality .n gears for your router and pc is a better solution then going for cheaper b.g gears.

Now head on over to from your pc and download ps3 video 9 and red kawa file server.

That´s the software you´ll need to convert your videos to a ps3 friendly format and transfer the films to your ps3 so you can enjoy em on your hdtv instead of the pc monitor.

ps3 video 9


redkawa file server

Once you´ve converted that episode of heroes or your own family video, or your backup of your expensive lotr dvd to the listed ps3 format, fire up the redkawa fileserver and start your ps3.

browse to your fileserver ip with your ps3 web browser and just click on the movie, it will download right to your ps3´s video folder where you can use your sixaxis or bd.ray remote to enjoy it.

This is btw a smooth way of transfering your music collection from your pc to your ps3 aswell.

Now, im sure i dont need to remind anyone that this is all perfectly legal to do, as long as you own the content that´s located on your pc.

And for your own sake, please turn off the file server once you´r done, it will otherwise be a potential security risk with which others could gain access to your pc,network.

sony´s PSN reaches 1.3 million users

might not sound to much for some people but i think it´s a much better then expected number considering that xbox live, which is a realy neat service, "only" has 6 million users and was launched in 2002.

psn as we know it today has only exsisted since the launch of the ps3, so thumbs up.

over and out

gamasutra article

ps3.tip of the moment

Alot of people seems to be complaining about not being able to play music on their ps3 while browsing.

the simple answer is the ps3 button.
Give it some loving and it will in return let you browse both online and checking out images and your xmb while enjoying your music collection.

bigger ps3.under way

well it´s nothing new under the sun and everyone has seen it comming, but it´s as it should be, not to mention that people with the 60gig modell can always replace their own hd, just like we do with our pc´s.

anyway, here´s a link with some more info for ya.

80 and 250gig ps3?

ah yes, my own impression?:
Well we´re of course just talking about bigger hd´s and small internal changes to reduce cost and size and weight and such things, it´s still the same ps3, that´s the only way to do a console, so no you wont see a new ps3 generation, which kotaku is speculating about, that would kill the biggest strenght consoles has over pc´s.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

heavenly sword

just a wip so far, but this game actually looks better and better as it gets closer to launch date, something alot of games does the other way around...

to be honest heavenly sword didnt do jack to me a year ago, now im actually starting to get seriously intrigued.

anyway it looks technicly very impressive and will for sure sell quite a few ps3´s.

gamepro knows more

fighting styles

lair and ps3 impressions

lair preview

Impressive looking game for sure, and it will be released upon us all later this year.

so, now that we´ve had our ps3 for a few weeks, how do i feel about it?

Well, it´s a media center gem, a household cornerstone if you so feel, but dont fool yourself and settle with just using it as a console.

Sure it can play games, and it does one hell of a job doing it aswell, so by all means, it is a console, it´s in my eyes, the best console, with the xbox 360 on a close second place.

Which one you´ll pick up just for the games, comes down to exactly that, the games, but if you do have a pc at home, the choice´s easy, ps3 all the way, why?

Because, xbox will primarly get your usual pc games, nothing wrong with that, i love my pc, but why have two things playing the same kind of game when you could have a pc and a ps3, giving you the best of two worlds.

Anyway, both the xbox 360 and the playstation 3 kicks ass as far as gaming goes, they are both just that good.

As far as online stuff, browsing, music, movies and wireless enjoyment goes tho, nothing will touch your ps3, just how it is.

Browsing is a gem on a real hd tv, and reading textual content far surpasses the experience you´ll get on a pc.. the one downside is that it´s not as userfriendly typing stuff and swapping between tabs, but it´s a great solution when my gf wants to read up on some heavy ass online doc´s.

Music: we´re ripped our entire cd collection and moved our mp3´s from our pc to our ps3, just because it´s so smooth and easy to use, even tho media player 11 is excellent, firing up your ps3 and your home theater system to enjoy some quality music is much better.

Oh, moving your mp3´s from your pc to your ps3 is a breeze if you have a wireless network at home.

Movies: well, this one aint as smooth as music, atleast not yet.
If all your playing is your dvd´s,blue-ray movies and hdr movies/tv shows from your digital box/hd tv, well, that´s a no brainer, perfectly working, with much better quality then any previous dvd player i´ve seen, and actually better then any stand alone blue-ray player i´ve seen.

Big thumbd up for that part, and of course, that´s the most important part of movie playback capabilitys as far as the majority goes.

The one thing that´s not as smooth tho, is if you´re trying to move, movies and tv shows, from your pc to your ps3, atm, i still havent been able to do so, wireless, moving them on a media tho works just fine, but how fun is that, especialy when you can move your music through the wireless network.

Playstation store: well it gets updated once a week, with new content and features and it and playing games online is free of charge so you cant touch that either, sure xbox´s marketplace has more content.. but duh, it´s been out one year longer aswell + it costs money, so i´ll declare psn the winner here aswell, give it a few more month´s and you´ll see just why.

wireless sixaxis controllers: well big thumbs up, the motion sensor works perfectly and it realy makes you feel, hmmm what´s the big fuzz over the wii one´s, this is just as good.

+ most games just works best with your analog and digital pads. Anyway, the controllers are great and best part is actually them being wireless.

Modo hockey. Sm gold winners 07.svenska elitserien

god damn, now that´s a good feeling, decided not to post during the finals and instead just enjoy the show that was taking place on the ice, and damn was Modo hockey good, granted so was Linkoping, but in the end, they were smaller and lighter and just not as hungry and dedicated as the big red machine that was modo hockey 06.07..

We´re proud and very happy to have been there, taking part of the entire season of 2006 and 2007, i think we missed 3 games during the entire season, and not a single home game during the playoffs, we even attended one away game.

cheers modo and cheers to the modo fans for being Swedens best and most one eyed audience, something we´re all so very proud of being.

One eyed means to us, that we´re dedicated, pasionated, educated but above all, a one team audience, in our eyes, modo just cant do anything wrong and we´ll make alot of noise, more noise then anyother arena in Sweden, europe and quite possible the world :) ok,ok, that last part might not be true since we´re just around 7000 people during our games in Swedbank, but we sound alot more then your typical 7000 icehockey fans do.

Anyway, it´s a strange feeling now that season is over and modo has been crowned swedish champions for the second time in the teams history, part sadness part joy that the season is over because it´s been hard for us fans aswell :)

in case you´re wondering modo won with 4-2 in games over lidkoping in the sm finals, and according to us modo fans, the toughest game series was against timra, our vasternorrland neighbours and im glad we can continue to call timra, lillebror :P.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

latest clientproject,

I let my latest clientproject go live last night, a straightforward, easy to do one.
Which of course doesnt take away from the quality of it, but it was a very smooth and easy going project, from sketch to the finished cms driven website.

It mixes html,css and flash with a completely backend driven cms, all made inhouse and the design and gui is very down to earth and clean, the season driven banner follows the seasoning and displays photos from ulvon, one of Swedens best looking places if you´re into undisturbed nature.

the official ulvon website

modo hockey vs linkoping

1-1 in games and a magic atmosphere and audience performance in last nights homegame in swedbank!

thanks modo for pummeling linkoping

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

ps3.record eu sales

Playstation 3 sold better in just two days then what the xbox 360 did during the entire launch month back in dec,2005.

xbox 360 sold 500.000 units in europe during the entire month and sony sold 600.000 ps3 units in just two days.

wii sold 700.000 units during it´s first month, considering the price difference that´s a huge hit by sony.

if we look at lets say france as one example, wii sold 75.000 units during it´s first two days and playstation 3 sold 78.000 units while xbox 360 landed at a mere 49.000 units.

great start in other words for sony, which also sported it´s best month as far as game launches since the initial launch last year and next month looks just as strong.

the pirate bay. aftermath

JO ruled that nothing was wrong with the raid against piratebay some time ago, others still feel that jo along with the government,police and modern day corporates needs to step up, redo and do it right because they are missing the obvious points.

i guess to cut to the chase, that the point of it all is that the piratebay site itself is nothing but an indexing service, very much like google, which of course isnt illegal, which filesharing isnt either, so if piratebay is doing something wrong, so is google.

one more pov on the piratebay ruling by jo, courtesy of

Karol krizan vs stana

aparently stana hasnt won one single game vs karol krizan during krizans two year in the swedish elitserie icehockey league.

now as a modo fan thats not something im sad for :) but then again, statistics doesnt mean jack once your back´s against the wall and now that the finals are about to begin on wednesday, that´s just how it is, the backs against the wall for both teams and both goalies.

anyway, it´s a great pic of krizan and some nice statistics.

karol vs stana

more modo hockey news

now that the last semifinal game is over reports and newscoverage is exploding here in Sweden, paving the way for the sm finals, which im sure will be yet one more 7 game serie for modo.

eta: tomorrow, wednesday, 19.00 gmt+1 :)

We just got back home after purchasing tickets for game 2 and 4 (friday and tuesday) if im right and it goes to 7 games, we´ll of course attend the extra 2 home games aswell here in ornskoldsvik, but for now that could very well be the last two games for this years season, one can but hope that it ends with a second sm gold for modo.

What a joy to see dome and krizan celebrate after the victory yesterday... felt like they were true modo hockey players born and raised in ornskoldsvik, thumbs up modo hockey!

anrell covers the sm final between linkoping and modo

Monday, April 2, 2007

modo final nr5 in 13 years

no need to say anything else :)

but i´ll say this, modo finished this best out of 7 games with two straight wins and they didnt just win, they outplayed and outperformed hv71 and that is big, modo ended the semi finals just like they put an end to the quarterfinal, taking two big ones making it a 4-3 victory..

watch out linkoping.

the officialy.unofficial modo playoff blogg