Tuesday, July 31, 2007

vue. ple and general stuff

Decided to post about the vue6.ple edition, a completely free of charge version, featuring the latest incarnation of vue, so for anyone into 3d, scenery, landscape creation, art and movies and mattepainting, just go ahead and download vue6 ple, it´s not a time limited or feature nerfed demo, it´s a fully functioning personal learning edition and as is common when it comes to ple´s it´s free of charge.

Vue is as of today used not just for arch viz projects and by artists and landscape designers it´s used in mainstream movie´s and a common piece in ilm´s pipeline, web and ad firms make good use of it aswell because it´s simple to get into but with plenty of depth and tons of quality features.

Another reason im doing a post about it now is that the v6 ple edition now supports xsi aswell.

vue6 ple

Monday, July 30, 2007

ps3.heavenly sword, 6 gameplay tips

Starting of with a qoute and then a link to an article, you might just as i did knew about all of em or most of em but then again you might have missed out of em all together aswell, if you still feel that heavenly sword is a button masher then this article is for you tho and it will most likely make the game alot more enjoyable.

Hitting the X button will pick up any inert object in the environment - which here means barrels, discarded swords and hats, bits of broken furniture and dead bodies - and hitting it again will cause Nariko to hurl whatever she's grabbed with a great deal of force. If you hold down the button, however, you can use "aftertouch" to get a close-up view of the objects and control them in flight; just tilt the Sixaxis to steer them left or right. This is endlessly entertaining, especially when you're using it to fling corpses into bad guys or off cliffs.

And as promised here´s the article

heavenly sword, gameplay tips

hd movies.Paramount shifts focus to blu-ray

And that little topic would have continued like this, to blu-ray from hd dvd which previously more or less was favoured by paramount, but the tides have turned into waves and everyone seems to be shifting into high gear when it comes to blu-ray.

And so is paramount, which will now be releasing uncompressed,lossless sound with it´s feature blu-ray movies, and nope, the hd dvd versions wont get it due to a lack of filesize on the hddvd disc, which is great news for blu-ray owners since we already have the image quality(flags of our fathers,casino royale) and now, finaly sound has caught up with that.

Couple that with all the recent wins for blu-ray over hd dvd and things have realy started to roll for Sony and it´s combined hd video,hdsound and hd game assault named ps3.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

ps3.folklore review 8.0 out of 10

folklore got a big thumbs up by computer and video games, only minus was a somewhat linear gameplay, but it had great visuals, made great use of sixaxis motion sensor and had a splendid npc library and some top notch product values.

folklore review

Saturday, July 28, 2007

ps3.heavenly sword pt.II

Yep, it´s time for part two in the heavenly sword demo saga :)
well a couple of things worth mentioning about this demo that´s once again straight from the horses mouth, which of course is ninja theory themselves.

A: this is a realy old build, so the game as it is today is improved and polished alot better.

B: Hell mode is available straight from the bat but it´s so hard that ninja theory actually had to prove to sony´s testers that it´s possible to finish the game playing on hell mode.

C: Ninja theory had this to say about the people thinking this will be one more button smasher like god of war:

Bare in mind, that what you're playing now is a level early on in the story, you can scrape through it just by mashing buttons - try that in the later chapters and you'll get your (gorgeous) ass handed to you on a plate...

D: blocking isnt automatic, you need to use the right stance and also combine blocking with counter moves to survive the real deal that is heavenly sword, in other words, the demo is one thing and the game is far more challenging, great news.

I dont know about you, but playing this old build and reading stuff like that made me look forward even more ´til the release of heavenly sword because for me, hearing that you have to dig deep down in the complexity of blocking, countering and stances and combos instead of just smashing away is worth alot, because frankly, button smashing games might be cool looking and gorgous in every other way possible but still lacking to much as far as combat goes, and combat is a big part of any game.

So now that we know that we have a gorgous game, with better and smoother animations then anything else i´ve seen, top notch sound and great cut scenes and what looks like an interesting story, coupled with beautyful and complex combat and plain full stellar environments and production value.

sounds interesting for sure, just hope the final game isnt as short as the demo.
A well, this is a must buy for our little family and that´s all there is to it :)

ps3.heavenly sword demo

a few notes and impressions from the hs demo.

1. it´s short, way to short :)
2. it´s great, great looking, pure and simply off the charts graphics
3. great animations, smooth and dynamic and just so great looking
4. nope, there´s no pre rendered cgi in the demo, it´s all done via the game engines, and nope, that´s not me intepreting, it´s straight from the dev´s mouth.
5. qouting the dev´s

"There are three types of 'cutscene' in the game.

Firstly - the big, expensive, full on, traditional style CG cutscene.

Second, there's stuff that's done using the game engine.

Thirdly, there's stuff like the the intro you saw to the demo last night - which is again produced by the engine cutscene, but then recorded into a movie so we can play it whilst something loads in the background.

Hope that clears it up"
6. well, the game looks that good, that you actually believe it is all pre rendered, but it isnt, and i have to say that it´s the first time i´ve felt like playing a real hd game.

7.the story seems like a nice one and the cut scenes are of the highest quality

8. well i would have prefered being able to jump anytime and having more then 3 attackbuttons, as it is you have two main buttons, square and triangle performing your attacks and combos depending on which weapon you use, and switching weapons is instant so it´s a fluid and very smooth experience even just using two main buttons.

but x also serves as an viable attackbutton since it lets you pick up anything from bodies to weapons and chairs, etcetera, and throw them at your enemeies or surroundings, and btw, you can actually control whatever you have thrown due to the sixaxis motionsensor.

But it would have been nicer having alittle more buttons for the main attacks and a jump button, as it is now you can only jump during special seequences through x or doing aerial combos during fight´s with the sixaxis motion sensor.

So it would have been nice just being able to jump whenever and wherever, but who knows that might be in the final game.

9. changing weapons isnt just smooth, it´s also requird of you to survive and being able to block enemy attacks, so fighting might sound like a button smasher and at first it feels like it, but it´s actually very complex, tos in the blocking, the weapon changing, the aerial combos due to the sixaxis and the evasive moves of the second analog stick and you´ll get a very smooth and dynamic experience.

Btw, the animations are by far the best i´ve seen in any game, it´s just so smooth.

10. finaly, the demo is just so short, it realy is way to short and that´s why it get´s two notes instead of just one, because it leaves you wanting more but also dissapointed, ninja theory should have done themselves a favour and released a demo that featured a few places, fights and environments.

that would have pleased me and alot more people. As it is now, i know some people that got turned off because the demo is easy to just smash through leaving you thinking the game is shallow but extremely pretty, unless you do sit down and actually learn to play it.

releasing a bigger demo would have fixed that issue all by itself, but granted this game makes use of so high definition textures and cut scenes and animations that a bigger demo would have ment a 2 to 3 gig download... so i guess it just wasnt an option for sony due to the enormous filesize it would have rendered.

11. oh before i forget it, sound is excellent!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ps3.heavenly sword cover art

There´s some realy nice cover art going on here.

ps3.MGS4 gameplay video

Well, first of, i´ve been one of the few that aparently dont like the metal gear solid games, but heck, after watching this realtime gameplay video, i have one thing to say and that´s the simple fact that metal gear solid 4 is a must have, off the charts gameplay for sure, and lol a must see video.. there´s some neat little crazy things like snake puking and checking out some good looking girls in a mens magazine in the midst of battlefield.

Well that´s always been part of mgs, but it´s never ever been so good looking, well executed and by the looks of it, so fun to play, puting snake in a real total war sandbox, looks like a pure funride and well, this will be one big system seller for sony and playstation 3.

so here goes.

Monday, July 23, 2007

ps3.sales figures

Playstation 3 sales increased with an impressive 135% in north america during july and started to increase heavily prior to e3.

and ps3 is now outselling xbox360 by a number of 5:1 ratio in japan and as always it keeps on seeing some realy nice sales figures in europe.

Well, Sony for sure has had a phenomenal summer and with tons of exclusive soft and hardware releases for the fall im sure sony chiefs are sleeping like babys.

ps3.firmware 1.9 is here

as of now it´s available both in japan and usa and i guess it will hit the european store in a few hours since it´s still just 07.30 in the morning here in Sweden.

some neat litte features in this update guess it´s just home and xmb music while playing that´s left out now, but those will come, give it a month.

• Ability to rearrange games on the XMB
• Option menu now includes "eject disk"
• Press triangle to eject games/CDs/movies in the XMB
• XMB backgrounds
• Change the folder classification
• Emoticons
• Change CD output to 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz
• Force 24Hz output for Blu-ray over HDMI
• Change PS3 video settings in-game
• "Bit Mapping" in the "Music Setting"
• Save AVCHD type animations from a Memory Stick
• Change settings like upscaling while playing PS and PS2 games
• Add bookmarks
• Web browser security function in the browser's tool section
• Avatar moves during audio visual chat

edit: the 1.90 update is out in europe now aswell, 08.07 gmt+1 so just fire up your ps3 and go get it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ps3.home improvements

New games, including chess has been added to the virtual and good looking world of home(which for everyone living under a rock, will be free of charge for anyone owning a ps3).

here´s a new video and a few screenshots of the closed beta(which will go open this month, unless delayed of course, and if open means global or north america is another topic entirely).

edit: have to say after watching this video, damn this is one good and impressive looking product and especialy for a free one.

edit2: haha, another reason im impressed is that a few years ago i was part of a similar project on the pc, same kind of online world with streaming images on movies on in game tv´s and such, integration to email and msn and so forth all inside a quake like online world where people could both play chess and actually shoot each other and so on, besides chatting of course, we even had file sharing lol..

Anyway, home looks of course so much better and has alot more resources, but it was a working project but in the end i cancelled it myself, it took up way to much resources and time to develop, guess we were alittle ahead of our time, but now seeing home it´s a fun memory.

consoles.hardware sales

Looking at the latest weekly hardware sales in Usa, aparently ps3 is shaping up realy well and is now outselling xbox 360 even in the so called dark territory named us of a, im calling it a dark territory because most media over there seems to think xbox360 was set to win in north america.

which means that ps3 is now outselling xbox 360 in all the big regions, eu+aus,asia and north america.

Topple that with all the great games coming out this fall and the monthly firmware improvements things keep on looking realy good for sony and it´s playstation 3.

Weekly total(in usa).

41,005 1,624,358
35,084 6,537,592

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ps3.warhawk blue.ray edition package

here´s a pic of the blue.ray edition of warhawk, the online only wargame for sony´s playstation 3.

the psn edition will be cheaper, but obviously wont ship with the bluetooth headset :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

ps3.warhawk splitscreen and online

a new trend amongst ps3 games lately (calling all cars is just one example) have been splitscreen + online multiplayer at the same time and warhawk will make good use of that aswell, and as far as i know it´s the first first person shooter game to offer 4 player splitscreen and online multiplayer at the same time.

Once you´ve purchased warhawk you´ll just not be able to battle it out in a online multiplayer war fest, but you´ll be able to do it with up to 3 friends sitting in your living room sofa in front of your hdtv and fighting together or against each other with all the other people on the server.

now that´s just great fun, real live friends battling it out online against or with tons of other friends, the best of two worlds.

Let´s just hope warhawk will support keyboard and mouse aswell.

ps3. unreal tournament III ps3 and pc hooking up

Yeap, not only is unreal tournament III exclusive during christmas for ps3, it will also let you completely free of charge use any pc created mod, skin or enhancement to the game on your ps3.

Just create whatever you feel like with the ut3 editor on your pc and bring it over to your ps3 or download maps, skins and new mod´s from the web and bring it over to the ps3 version of unreal tournament III.

Great news for console owners and im glad to see something that´s common on the pc finaly making it´s way to the world of consoles, guess that just makes it wii(nintendo) and xbox360(microsoft) still stuck in the pay for anything mode.

Not that paying for new content is anything bad, sony does it to and they all should, but allowing users to create new content for free and share it for free with other users should always be allowed on any modern platform and im glad that ps3 now does just that.

ps3.Heavenly sword demo, july 26:th!

A i cant wait for july 26 is all im gona say :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

vue.environment competition 2007

Just a reminder since no one thats remotely interested in cgi, movies, design, landscapes, scenery, paintings, 3d etcetera should miss out on participating in this competition.

Create the most compelling virtual landscape in a scene of your choice, hey, you can go realy crazy and be prepared to face judges like,

- Paul Huston – Digital Matte Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic
- Takashi Nagasaki - CTO, Polygon Pictures
- Eran Dinur – Digital Artist, LucasFilm Animation Singapore
- Stephane Belin – Senior Concept Artist, Electronic Arts
- Todd Akita - Technical Director, Psyop
- Susumu Yukuhiro – Concept Artist, Whiskytree
- Jim Thacker – Editor, 3D World magazine
- Leonard Teo - Product Marketing Manager, Softimage.

Best part is, you dont even have to own vue to participate, you can use the completely free of charge vue6 ple edition and of course also get to grips with just how easy vue is to get into, mastering it is a completely different task of course, but starting to use it and letting your artistic side free is easy and very intuitive, the rest is up to your own skills and artistic strenghts and visions.

read more here
e-on website

A pity i cant participate myself, i would have if allowed :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

e3.sony goodies

Lets start out with home and some realy neat features.

1. home will be available on your cell phone aswell and not just your ps3, of course demoed on a sony ericsson, great feature if you ask me.

2. you´ll be able to upload photos from your cellphone directly to your own house in home.

3. we´ll be able to launch games directly from inside of home and excit back to home from games.

4. publishers will be able to create game specifiq areas inside of home.

onto some other small stuff.

5. blue.ray outselling hd.dvd movies by 2-1 in usa, largely thanks to ps3.

6. talking about ps3, alot of north american resellers have more then doubled there ps3 sales since the price cut.

7. Nc soft to make multiple exclusive mmorpgs for ps3.

8. haze is time exclusive for ps3 over christmas.

9. mgs4 a proper exclusive for playstation 3.

10. killzone 2 takes up roughly 2 gig per level as of todays date.

11. new psp with hd output, which means you´ll be able to play your psp movies and games on your hd tv, pretty slick actually and im almost considering picking up one of the new and soon to be here psp´s, and that´s comming from me that´s zero interested in current psp.

great stuff sony and by far the best e3 showcase.

e3.facts of life

er, well it´s atleast a short list of gaming related facts covering the north american demographic.

"67% of American heads of households play computer or videogames.

The average game player age is 33 years old. The average game buyer age is 38.

38% of gamers are female. 47% of all online gamers are female.

33% of American homes have a video game console.

The best selling game of last year was Madden NFL 07 on PS2. The 20th best-selling was also Madden NFL 07, but on Xbox.

2006 saw 7.4 billion dollars in total sales, the same as in 2004.

55% of parents believe games are a positive part of their children's lives.

51% of gamers play games online, up from 19% in 2000.

All sales data was gathered by the NPD, all other data was collected by Ipsos-Insight for the ESA and it´s only valid to north america.

ps3.real gameplay video from killzone 2

and what a neat video it is, great promise being on display today, and altho we cant get to grips with how it actually feels to play yet, we can all see that the visuals and audio sure do live up to the promise of yester yester years cgi footage.

anyway, it´s one game im looking forward to for sure, and yep it´s all in game gameplay in this video.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ps3.what a fuzz a 100us$ cut can do

to keep it neat and tidy, ps3 has reached the nr.1 spot on amazon.com and increased it sales on amazon.com with 2800% since it´s 100us$ price cut.

Monday, July 9, 2007

ps3.an evolving world

Just a casual and general post to let ya all know that i havent tumbled of the face of the world, but hey, it´s summer here in Sweden and we´re as always during summertime all enjoying our great weather (the northern parts of sweden that is) and cheering that we dont live in the southern parts of sweden, which is as always, plagued by storms and bad weather.

Anyway, in the world that is sony and playstation 3 things are always improving and evolving, as we all know but some seems die hard to neglect or atleast pretend to wont happen :)

So what´s new, well a 100us$ pricedrop on the 60gig ps3 is a new thing, and a nice one to for all of you that havent picked one up yet, great system(in my humble opinion, by far, the best media and console system) and now for an even better price.

The addition of the 80gig ps3 bundled with motorstorm for the price of the 60 gig systems old price is another nice addition, but even better and far more important is the firmware changes that sony has been pushing out.

Ps3 as of today isnt what was launched earlier this year in europe and in november in usa/japan, it´s a far, far better product with alot more features and quality.

Just look at the simple fact that until now here in europe you havent been able to buy a hdmi 1.3 enabled blue-ray player, except for the ps3... and the same thing goes for the full rgb, super white features and native 1080p 24fps, all supported by the ps3, and now with the latest sony stand alone blue ray players you can purchase another blue ray player capable of the same thing and quality as the ps3, but for more then twice it´s price!

Now, aint that great value when picking up the ps3... Granted, most videophiles and stores and salespersons just dont realice this because they look at the ps3 as a console, nothing more and nothing less, a shame but their loss of course, just wish sony would spend alittle money highligting this area of the ps3, because alot of people do pick it up for it´s media capacity aswell as it´s game capacity, but im sure 10 times more would if they knew the quality of the ps3 when it comes to this area.

Anyway, super white, native 1080p with 24fps support and full rgb wasnt part of the ps3´s featureset back with it´s original firmware, but it is now and has been for a few updates, the addition of the media server feature is another new feature that has strenghten the playstation 3´s place as your households media center cornerstone.

Tons of improvements has been made to this already impressive hardware media toy and tons more will be done, the addition of home will be another great update and since it´s free every single ps3 user will be able to enjoy it.

Nice sales in europe and australia is another neat feat, but of course media only covers the slower sales in usa and japan and seems to avoid the fact that the ps3 is selling faster then anyother sony console in europe and australia despite it´s pricetag (you do know it´s even more expensive in europe and australia then usa and japan).

Another interesting read in usa based media is of course that no one seems to cover that the ps3 sells alot better then xbox360 in japan, only loosing out to wii and it´s older brother, the ps2, nothing to care about of course, but a fun observation never the less.

Anyway, enough of that.

It´s great fun being a ps3 owner and the calling all cars release on the playstation store made it even funnier, a so so single player game, but if you have kids, a loved one or simply friends that actually visit you in real life as oposed to only showing up on msn or your cell phone, then calling all cars is most likely the best spent 70skr:- you´ll ever dropped (not sure what the price is in use but i guess 7-8 us$).

Simple game, simple graphics, simple gameplay, but very well made and easy to get in on, but if you have real life company, it´s just one of those games that will always work, firing up and humiliating your friend(s) for an hour or two or just a few minutes, great fun!

As for the future, we´re all looking forward to the 2.0 firmware upgrade and the inclusion of home, singstar for the ps3, assasins creed, nhl08, final fantasy 13, little big planet, killzone 2, heavenly sword and possible haze and lair.

gta 4 is of course another interesting title but im not so sure that it will provide anything new compared to it´s older sybblings, if it does we´ll pick it up, if not, we´ll sidestep it.

Ah yes, need for speed pro looks realy nice aswell but for now it´s back to reality and enjoying our vacation and the sun together with the rest of the family, me and my gf have spent time redoing the house aswell, nothing major but small and very nice improvements here and there and we have some more to do aswell before we´re 100% satisfied, but oh boy it´s realy neat so far :)