Saturday, August 16, 2008

New English article @ örnskö

Örnskö has awoken from it´s english slumber, well to be honest, we´ve just been more then busy adding new content to the Swedish main website and we´ve added tons of Swedish articles in the past month´s and we´ve also updated the website, it´s navigation and even the blogg has seen quite a few enhancements during the summer, so yeah we know, we´ve neglected the English part of the site, neglected but not forgotten about it tho :)

So it´s time to start churning out some articles in English and the first one out is an article about Skuleberget and High Coast Center, a company managing three very lovely via ferrata routes at skuleberget.

Besides some textual content there´s a hefty bunch of lovely looking photos from Skuleberget which we took earlier this summer for the Swedish version of the article.

So if you´re in the mood for experiencing the lovely Swedish archipelago and the world heritage high coast and Skuleberget then why not start out by reading our article and looking at our photos, and if you´re one of the thousands of tourists visiting Örnsköldsvik for Star wars the exhebition, well then make sure you do not miss out on visiting Skuleberget before you head on back home.


Örnskö article - Skuleberget, High Coast Center

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